40 RA getting 105 light guns?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by 2_Canadian_Beers, Jul 5, 2005.

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  1. Another one of the "oh we don't need, yes we do" situations

    19 Regt had Lt Gun in the airmobile role but then re-roled AS90 as heavier firepower seemed a better idea than pea shooters, then the powers that be realised that HEavy SP guns are difficult to move rapidly espcially in poor terrain areas and gun system underslung on helos where of more use

    Oh BTW its 40 Regt RA not RHA
  2. Hmm, Welly it seems that idea of "grass being greener on the otherside" falls in with all situations. With 40 RA soon to be getting 105 light guns, will this cause a spiral of other units announcing thier desire for the 105 also? Oh and the RHA was a slip on the keys, corrected though. Good looking out.

    Cheers 2CB
  3. Bloody hell they got warriors for OP's how the hell, I had a damned bloody ferret (worthless peice o cr@p) couldnt even get up an hill the thing. And when we were not on some mad crusade in that it was the APC stuck with some damned rodney.

    How things change in 15 years man, mind we had urhum (Abbots) when i was in, When i went to Larkhill earlier this year I was amazed how they managed to get themselves inside the bloody things never mind fire them.

  4. hey i was with 40 regt. when we were out in the falklands we had 18 light guns to look after. left behind no doubt just incase the argies tried it on again this was in november 82
  5. Not a case of grass being greener its a case that the Whole Bde is now Lt Bde. what would be the sense of having AS nasty in a rapidly deployable Bde in the NRF role......talk sense.
  6. Well played Hammer - 19 Mech Bde is re-roling to a Lt Bde and the process should (heh heh) be complete by 2007 with the first tranche of FRES kit turning up. Let's see when it gets its ORD tick.

    As you correctly state, the Bde needs organic fire support assets - and while guns on tracks have their place, the Bde needs to be able to go anywhere and anywhen.

    Mind you, LIMAWS will solve all our problems! :D
  7. But apparently wherever and whenever they deploy there will not be an adversary operating fixed wing, rotary, unmanned or air breathing aircraft. Otherwise they might have retained their CAD Bty (43 Bty)! i hope the wheel turns gently!

  9. What the **** you on about 43 were not part of 40?
    They did however have 10 Bty attached but they left the Regt in Hohne around 93.
  10. No, 43 Bty are not part of 40 Regt. They are, however, part of 19 Lt Bde, just like 40 Regt- hence previous comments by pp.
  11. okeley, dokeley
  12. Never mind the light gun thing, what about there rumoured new home? No campaign service medal this time though post 2007.
  13. It's safe now....... mmmmm