40% of Young Dutch Muslims Reject Democracy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mora, Jun 15, 2006.

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  1. A researcher for the Netherlands Ministry for Immigration and Integration has found that 40% of young Moroccan Muslims in the Netherlands reject Western values and democracy. And six to seven percent are prepared to use force to defend Islam.

    Since the Dutch cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam are close to having Muslim majorities it matters.

    The Dutch embrace same-sex marriage and euthanasia, yet the fabric of Holland is changing. Within a decade, its three major cities, including Amsterdam, could be majority Muslim and this most tolerant of countries is responding by passing radically intolerant laws. A version of religious tolerance allowed the Islamic influx into Europe. Now Europeans are asking Muslims to practice religious tolerance themselves and adjust to the values of their host countries.
  2. Maybe to the Dutch but not to me. How about '60% of Muslim youth embrace Democracy'?

    At least these kids have the political awareness to form an opinion, unlike most of the 'youf' in this country.
  3. You seem to have conveniently left the 'Moroccan' out of the title. Stop scaremongering.
  4. Well, ones hopes it is merely scaremongering but the Moroccans are the main Muslim community in the Netherlands, and they are a large community. This isn't the equivalent of saying "40% of Indonesian youths in the UK...", or 40% of Moroccan youths in the UK, for that matter.
  5. Now if the The Centrum voor Radicalisme en Extremisme Studies (CRES) had found out that the majority of Moroccan Muslims were in favour of Dutch 'hahahaa' liberalism and values, would the CRES?

    A) Still have a valid role for its self ?
    B) Be able to promote their book 'Strijders van eigen bodem - radicale en democratische moslims in Nederland' (home-grown warriors - radical and democratic Muslims in the Netherlands)?

    hmmmmmmmmmm I wonder :?
  6. Well said Mistersoft!
    I wonder how the other "fighting religions" would score if the same question was posed to the same age group/social classes?
  7. So 6-7% of 40% of a SAMPLE of an ethnic minority responded (and we don't know how the question was worded) that they are prepared to use force to defend their beliefs.. Not exactly big numbers and similar views to 99.9% who post on here. Hardly a shocker.
  8. I don't think it is 6-7% of 40% but 6-7% of the sample - which one would hope was representative.

    As you say though, no shocker. V small minority.
  9. The Moroccans only just outnumber the Turks in the Netherlands so I would hardly call it representative.

    And you'll probably find a larger number of Ajax fans would be prepared to use force.
  10. Great. So now everybody's an expert on the Netherlands. Kap nâh!

    A recent documentary series was very enlightening: Geloof, Seks, en (Wan)hoop (Belief, Sex and dispair/hope) by Ingeborg Beugel, IKON, 2006
    The documentary was very interesting, and well worth watching. Essentially, the author is trying to understand why Muslim, particularly Moroccan, boys call her daughter a slut or a whore on the street on a regular basis. Further editions go on to explore essentially love in Islam, including homosexuality.

    Every time I have experienced aggression towards me on the street, it has been Moroccan teenagers. It's normally low level, trying to provoke a response. If I were younger, I would find it incredibly threatening, whereas now I find it rather pathetic. Back in Blighty, when my sister (Caucasian) lived in Leicester she would be racially abused on an almost daily basis, including being spat at... by Muslim girls. Of course, the police were not interested...

    I have never experienced the same thing coming from Turks.
  11. ...rather suggesting it isn't Islam but the nationalities and "cultures" of those involved.

    When I lived in France we had a lot of problems with the Algerian youths but again not the Turks. Problems in Blighty with Bangladeshis and Pakistanis are on nothing like the same scale.

    They are pretty different sets of people from very different countries.
  12. Had nothing but trouble from Turks when stationed in Fally, thieving scum!

  13. Not even kebabs?