40 days without fresh food in Afghanistan?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by clamper222, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. Scandalous !!!
    where are the mobile bakeries that the RLC run nowdays ???
    never would of happened in my day with the RAOC
  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I find this incredibly hard to believe, theres a lot more to this methinks.
  3. I hate stories like this for the simple fact that they detract from the real issues, and make us seem like we're whining.

    In an ideal world, the lads on the ground would have everything they want. In reality, the risk of providing them with fresh food on a regular basis may well outweigh the reward.
  4. they need to screw the nut and get the ANA to get them some melons and other stuff. it's not a scandal, it's war fellers, what do you expect? you can live on compo for months without ill effect - and i am sure they will.

    problem is that now staff effort will be wasted answering this article which was written by people who don't understand the realities of fighting a war.
  5. Kilfoyle's a gobshite.

    Is he volunteering for FP on the convoys taking fresh out to the FOBs?

    We'd all prefer fresh over ORP, sometimes it's just not possible. Agree with RFUK, these stories make us look like whining cnuts and take away from the real scandals in defence.

    Clamper, I assume you work for the Post?
  6. It does raise the issue of medical supplies & ammunition being able to get through.

    Regarding the no fresh food thing - I know the rat packs are pretty good, but can they provide the 5 a day? (which I think is actually supposed to be closer to 9 a day).
  7. Whinging scouse git.
  8. There could be a medal in it! Yanks used to get one for three days without Coke Cola! :oops:
  9. ammo and medical supplies will get through. the additional burden of providing fresh food at isolated outstations is immense. i am sure bits and pieces will get sent up when the situation allows
  10. "The Daily Post can reveal that 100 service personnel at one Forward Operating Base (FOB), in Helmand, have spent over a month surviving on freeze-dried ration packs without any fresh fruit, bread or milk."
    Freeze dried? since when have we had freeze dried stuff?
  11. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Well the arctic ration packs are but I somehow doubt they are on general issue in Afghanistan.
  12. If they received fresh bread, they'd only complain that they haven't got any toasters, marmite, butter etc. That would naturally progress to lack of fridges, freezers etc.

    Now, if they were stuck on the same menu for 40 days, there would be a justified cause of complaint.

    It'd be good for morale (and health) to drop in the occasional supply of fresh fruit, though.
  13. Even if it is true so Fecking what. As has already been said I sometimes wish people would just keep their gobs shut on these things so that we don't sound like a gang of b1tches. I'm sorry but if the OC/CSM at this FOB were eating 24 ORP I'm sure there was a bloody good reason for it. Nobody who has anything going on up stairs would in their right mind sack getting "Eggs" flown in for a half arsed reason.

    Sh1t food is just another part of the job to be accepted. When you get fresh:

    "Eat what you can when you can, because you never know when you will again."

    Next people will be moaning about lack of sleep and the weather!
  14. Mind you there was an article about a month ago, saying how lovely the food was out there, and what the choice was, article however didnt state this was just at Bastion. So maybe it is right for people to be aware, that it isnt all 3 choices and ice-cream all over Afghan