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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by steve_o, Jul 18, 2010.

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  1. Hello all. Im a new member but I have been veiwing for some time now and read with intrest.

    I have served with 4YORKS for some years now, previously serving with EWRR and 3PWO. Any other memebers of the battalion here? or previous regts (TA) and coys?

    Now to the point. I'll try not to be too negative, but find it hard not to!!!

    Basically, Im outraged at the total unprofessional attitude of the battalion, I in my not so extensive career (8 years) have never come across such an unprofessional bn and my coy seems to be the same. I have served on two operational tours, and each time seem to receive little or no reconition! Is this the same in other local inf regts? or other TA units?
    Their incompentcy is affecting my reasoning for attendence. Attending weekends that have no or very little training value! No use of recent troops returning from operational tours, which are "proper tours" with real war fighting experience. And their exercise leave alot to be desired! Both on a coy and bn level.

    I could go on, but that would be unprofessional of me. Just would like to know if there are any other members of the battalion here and their veiws. Simlarly, if there are any outsiders here and their veiw from the outside? Been one of the Norths infantry regiments, I actually feel ashamed to be part of this regt!

    Thanks for any replies, and your time.
  2. steve_o

    A couple of observations if I may:

    1. Best not to use a real name - hopefully 'steve_o' isn't Steve Owen, Steve O'Reilly etc..

    2. Spelling? I know it might seem to be a small point but people judge you by it rightly or wrongly.

    3. Unprofessional and incompetent? Well, it's a big claim - might be better to throw in some evidence.

    4. Two tours? Well done. Presumably your medals have been awarded and maybe even a rank uplift?

    5. Have you spoken to your Platoon Comd, Coy Comd etc?
  3. Have you ever heard the saying............If you dont like it get out
  4. I'm ex-1 YORKS - the 1 YORKS that's now 4 YORKS, that is.

    I'm sorry to read that you think they've gone downhill, they were extremely professional when I was in. I met up with a platoon from my old Coy on TELIC 2 (sadly only one old face) and they appeared quite professional then.

    I don't know exactly what recognition you're expecting from having completed two tours. In my days with 1 YORKS, we had an Aden veteran (though he was a CDSM regular at the time), but he still had to stand his round at the bar. Good bloke, I learned a lot from him, but I never made a point of thanking him - nor did he whinge because I hadn't.

    I don't live in the area now, so I can't offer much in the way of sympathy. Perhaps you could meet up with Jarrod (he's also an ex-Yorkie). I'm sure he could give you some comfort.
  5. Which coy? Every unit has its ups and downs. chin up lad, got H15 and 16 to look forward to!
  6. Puttees - Owen was in Aden but so was Big Hilly and Trevor (the one from the Fusileers not the one from Thornaby). Tucker fought in most wars since the Peninsula but kept it quiet just in case anybody worked out his real age. He is still fit and well.
  7. TA wide problem I presume?
    Thats what comes of it when you have "enablers" who haven't been anywhere teaching those that have. It is frustrating, annoying etc. but you have choices; leave, do a tour or join the regs.
  8. Not a Col Jarrod???

    Yep, I'm ex-3 PWO - Leeds Mortar Rifles
  9. Should have gone away with a certain other company then- this weekend was all about using Operational Experience on patrol (although whether it was entirely successful time will tell).

    I don't know what kind of recognition you are expecting, but pretty much everyone is expected to go on tour nowadays? At least now there is a medal parade! We also send parcels out now etc etc?

    Like all units, there are those that are never mobilised that seem to think they know it all, but that is just the training environment. It is all part of a wider issue that mobilisation training is specific to what you are going to do. Brecon, Sandhurst etc have yet to catch up with it (whether they should or not is another debate in itself), so hence there are conflicting SOPs etc.

    It sounds like a transfer may give you the mojo boost you may require- another company or unit is up to you!
  10. Not this weekend in particular, just everything really come to a head, and just the lack of general orginsation. Lets see what the next bn ex has in strore.

    Not looking for anything special in reconition of my time served on operations, just some reconition would be nice! Already looking into the possibility of a transfare to another unit, a corps unfortantly!
  11. I suspect exactly the same. The ethos is and always has been 'hurry up and wait'.
  12. When was Aden by the way?
  13. Don't think its a TA-wide issue at all. My Company had 40 blokes on parade last tuesday night, plus various others lurking around the TAC.

    If all of the "enablers" left you could have problems with such trivia as motor transport, MATT passes etc. The issue is nowt to do with enablers, more likely to be a poor Training Programme.
  14. 1960's getting warmer until about 67.
  15. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    The Emergency began in December 1963 when the NLF attacked the British High Commissioner and ended with the hand-over to the South Arabian authorities in November 1967. The qualifying period for the campaign medal didn't start till August 1964 though.

    Incidentally, TA soldiers (from The Queens Regt I think) deployed to South Arabia as 'Ever Readies' or Emergency Reserves.