4 Yorks trouble @ tmill???

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Nov 9, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone shed any light on the internal politics of 4 Yorks. Things I've witnessed today indicated part of the regiment is trying to de-amalgamate or get its name killed off.

    Or in other words, the Leeds Rifles associations temporarily barred ex-Yorks Vols from their function today.

    Swansong of a once mighty 6 Bn Volunteer Regt?
  2. The Leeds Rifles have always been a proud lot (and deservedly so). They have always supported the Yorkshire Volunteers and successor units so what are you talking about.
  3. Don't know about them being a deservedly proud lot. It was them that stole my LandRover and Conbat. (Honest mistake, Guv, they're all the same colour - but surely they must have thought it a bit odd having three in their convoy when they only owned two). Caused a right fuss arranging to get it back from Leeds to Sheffield.

    Still, serves the Hallamshires right for not having enough drivers of their own. Sniff.
  4. Seemed to be a problem today, not sure exactly why. I walked in on the do with no introductions and nobody challenged me (in RSigs C95), doubt I was recognised as an ex-Leeds Rifleman