4 Year Posting

Discussion in 'REME' started by alb, May 15, 2008.

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  1. alb

    alb Clanker

    Rumour has it that 4 year postings after basic training are being looked at. There is a get out clause of putting a PPP in before your two year point to change job however as with any PPP normal rules apply. Just interested in any thoughts on the matter.


    "For every winner there is always a loser"
  2. This is fact, and comes into effect as of the beginning of June from what I've heard (albiet with one or two caveats in place). It's good for stability in younger tradesmen whilst they find their feet, and allows for a the building of a solid experience base prior to attendance on Class 1 etc. Not sure it'll work too well for the Recce mechs (no expert!); they need 1st line experience once qualified at class 2, so possibility they'll still be posted on or around the 2 year point. It might ease the pressure for those unfortunate individuals who come back from Ops, and are then posted, only to find they're in a unit about to deploy on tour again. Time will tell!
  3. It should be two, two year postings one at 1st line then one at 2nd or vice versa.
  4. alb

    alb Clanker

    4 years at a REME Battalion, sounds like fun. At least there will be the opportunity of some ISTs to break up the monotony and let you know what you are missing at 1st Line.
  5. 4 years at a Battalion - lets relocate them all to Bridgend then!
  6. 4 years in a battalion ! that will do retention the world of good!
  7. A 4 year posting would be great if you get a good unit, very disillusioning with little to look forward to if not.
  8. 4 years, has anyone got that long to do? Sounds like the accountants solution to reducing disturbance allowance.
  9. 4 years at a Bn, you would get less for armed robbery
  10. There was an idea bandied around in the 80s referring to those affected by posting fluidity such as REME ACC etc called "stability in the Army" this was to help against "family upheaval" (a cynic might say save disturbance allowance payments) and because the Army followed Options for change it was dropped.
    This meant if you were with an inf mob in Osnatraz then you would have received a posting to the same garrison, say RMP det or 4 Armd.
    The number of guys who left after spending 3 years with the Royal Hussars and were then posted to 7 Armd had to be seen to be believed.
    Waht is the point in a 4 year posting? you may as well cap any promotion prospects for a start. But then since when has REME ever had any good sensible ideas.
  11. I did 5 years at one unit. Ok it changed it's name half way through, from 5 Armd Wksp :D , to 9 Fd Wksp :cry: when drawdown brought us back to UK, but it was essentially the same unit.

    In Germany, with the work and the play I would have stayed forever. In the UK with no work, no play, being left out of the Bosnia Tour and no chance of a posting out I only had PVR as a means of escape. I took it.

    For some, those in good units, a four year stint will be like heaven, but for those who are in battalions, or some of the less popular units or locations, four years will be purgatory.
  12. Christ! Imagine finishing trade training at bordon, then getting a 4 yr posting to louisburg bks! No thanks.

    It's far better to have the 2 two-years postings for the experience. After all, don't we join the army to get around and see a bit of the world?

    These lengthy postings would be better for those that have done their class 1 and have families.

    As a young singlie, I thought that two years was about the right length for a posting.
  13. Did 4 Armd move to Osnatraz? I'm fairly sure that when I was there, it was at Hobart Barracks in Detmold.

    Mind you, I was pretty pissed for most of the time....