4 weeks until Para depot

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by beckz, Apr 5, 2009.

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  1. allright people im off to start at catterick on 3rd of may but only got 4 weeks left to train.
    iv allready been training quite a bit doing 4 runs a week (4 milers, 3, 5, 7)
    but it isnt very structured as in i just do them whenever.
    As for strenght i do the weights a bit and i can do 62 pressups in 2 mins and 80 some thing situps, is this ok?
    could anyone on here give me or recommend a training plan or some advise as to what i should do for my last 4 weeks before i go, including running and strength and any other good ideas would be much apreciated.
  2. You will get a lot of different responses on here as most people train in different ways. Generally, keep up the high intensity cardio work, endurance and fartlek type training. If you can, get into the hills for some training but BE CARFEUL not to injur yourself prior to starting basic. Keep the upper body work going but it sounds like your heading in the right direction on that. Remember, you dont want to turn up at the depot as superman, the DS will do that, they will take you to the correct levels of fitness but remember, you have to have the mental fitness to back it up. If you dont want it enough, you wont pass.

    Keep you head down and your mouth shut and you will be fine, keep smiling.

    One more thing, good luck.
  3. Beckz,
    I'm not trying to belittle your training or play the big "I am", but I did next to f*ck all extra training before depot para (And got through).

    I played football a couple of times a week like I'd done for the last 5 ish years and boxed with mates in a makeshift gym, again like I'd done for years, and that was about it.

    I had no idea how many press ups, sit ups and pull ups I could do!
    I ran a bit extra, but nothing really serious.

    Many people dropped out through training too much before they came. A bloke in the next bed to me used to go to the depot gym nearly every night. He got binned.

    But this was nearly 20 years ago so you'd better get some info from someone a bit more 'In the know'. A stong bit of advice would be to get yourself a pair of issue boots from Silverman's and wear them all the time. Many people went home after lower leg injuries because they'd never worn boots before.
  4. Out of interest, on Silverman, which ones are the issue ones?
  5. Don't over do it ullawise you'l end up injuring yourself once your in depot. Do the 5-6 mile runs 4 nights a week, don't worry to much about your upperbody, just focus on your cardio. make sure you stretch too, warm up & warm down.
  6. Warm down?....or cool down?