4 weeks to go, desperate to cut down smoking, help please.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by David2008, Jan 13, 2009.

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  1. Hey,

    I am a 15-20 a day smoker, as you can imagine its quite a painful process having to run miles a day after packing my lungs with fresh tar,

    I need some idea's on the best ways to cut down and give up, i dont want to give up just yet as i dont want to fall ill in phase 1, id just like to get that figure down to about 5 a day at least, i've tried patches they work for about 2 days then i feel no effects and am back to smoking the usual amount.
  2. Just get a grip and give up. It'll be easier than trying to cut down - trust me on that. Take the ill effects and slog through them. It's mainly your brain telling you that you're ill anyway.

    Good luck!
  3. I would make the jump but (im a re-enlister so was in basic before) the last time i was in phase 1 i gave up on week 1 of training, and within 2 weeks i had a serious chest infection which had me on countless sick chits for another 3 weeks (surprisingly they kept me on the course with my platoon 8O rather than backsquadding) but i cant make the risk again i just want to cut down, besides i do enjoy an 'ol fag in the evening or over a pint.

    And thanks for the good luck, ill bloody need it :lol:
  4. Best way to cut down is to not smoke as many.

    Instead of smoking 15-20 just smoke five, thus a reduction and you've therefore cut down.
  5. Try a ciggy substitute like mints, chewing a pencil, toothpick or something, maybe have a glass of water instead. Anything to retrain yourself not to reach for the pack.

    Edited 'cause MDN posted first.
  6. Depending how long you have been smoking, you will have killed off all the cillia in your lungs. these are tiny hair like things on the surfaces in your lungs and bronchi. The cillia are used by the body to transport any foreign material out of the lungs so you can swallow it. As these are dead, your lungs will have been filling with crap (tar dust etc). when you stop smoking, these will re-grow and all the crap in your lungs will be brought up causing you to cough much more than normal. You will have to go through this as you give up, there is no avoiding it, but the sooner you give up, the better off your lungs will be. (FYI it takes about 7 years for lungs to fully recover providing they have not become diseased.)
  7. I used a book called the "easyway" by Allen Carr (RIP) worked a treat managed to give up for 7 years before relapsing however I've managed to stop again. You know your onto a winner when he tells you to carry on smoking whilst reading the book. The horror stories will put you off for life.
  8. Good explanation skicarver, I have been a smoker for nearly 9 years now, started going heavy on them since i first left the army due to my increased drinking habits, my own fault really but i suppose it aint going to get any easier so ill give it a good go.

    An old work collegue recommended taking varenicline a tablet called 'Champix', i may be able to get them on prescription, if not i would still spend the money on a good dose of them, but im not sure wether this is going to be acceptable in the army for basic training as it does have numerous side effects, not sure if any of you guys heard of this tablet before but its job is to interfere with the receptors in your brain that crave nicotine, so instead of being a nicotine supplement its a product that works against it.

    My old friend mentioned above who took them said you still smoke whilst taking them, but within 2-3 weeks you wake up and forget about your cravings, he managed to pack them in straight away with using these, but again i'm probably going to have to ring my recruiter and ask him if im able to take these with me to basic (which i highly doubt), and wether im allowed to take a small dose of them now whilst i have a couple of weeks left in civvy street.

    If anybody knows the deal on bringing prescribed NRT to basic please do let me know.

  9. I seen a preview of that on youtube, ill have a look on amazon for that one now that you've reminded me of it.
  10. I've tried strong strength gum and weak strength lozenges, they all make me feel I'm gonna have a heart attack. Any ideas for a better subsititute?
  11. the best way i quit was will power...if u wana get in the army...u must want it so bad that u will just stop..i wanted it that bad and i havent ad a fag since....get grip!
  12. as an ex smoker I am qualified to give you this instruction.

    1)take out packet of fags.
    2)hold them away from the body
    3)grip them in your strongest hand and squeeze, squeeze squeeze.
    4)tear, rip or otherwise destroy the filthy, disgusting expensive death sticks, stamp on them shouting "bastards, bastards"
    5)never buy another packet, never smoke another fag, live longer

    get on with it, DO IT NOW.
  13. ...hear hear
  14. Smoking keeps you warm when you're on an exercise in winter though? Or stop being such a tart and use some willpower?
  15. it's not clever to smoke, lets get that out of the way but if you're doing basic training smoking isn't a show stopper. If it is, you probably wouldn't make it anyway.

    If you realy want to pack them in then visit a mortuary, it gives that air of realisim missing from the health warnings on the packets. Alternatively, drop in on someone with emphysema or someone with a leg amputated from thrombosis, that's the kind of reality check that sobers you up.

    Now, where are my Bensons............