4 Sept: 2 French Marines KIA and 8 WIA in A-stan

A speedy recovery to the injured.

Some more info: the Marines were part of a nine vehicle convoy and the casualties were travelling in a VAB APC. The IED was apparently extremly powerful.

Since the French CHOD General Georgelin was in Afghanistan this week, I suppose this can be taken a s a personal message.


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Rest in Peace marine

What's the casevac chain from AFG for French forces ? Or do they stay in theatre if at all possible?
I don't have specific infos but in the past casualties were airlifted by the French Air Force via modified C-135FR or using business jets like medicalized Falcons. The French contingent has medical teams in A-stan as well as its own RW assets (3XCaracal and soon 2XCougar helos) for MEDEVAC.

The KIA has been identified as caporal Johan Naguin, 24, from the Réunion Island, married and father of one. He had previously served in Ivory Coast and in the Central African Republic. He was the driver of the VAB APC.
An interesting series of photos on the 8 RPIMa's tour in A-stan last year with comments in English can be found there:


Before anybody asks, the guys armed with HK G-36s amidst the paras armed with FAMAS are members of the regimental pathfinder team, the HALO qualified "GCP".

As for the MEDEVAC, it looks like on this occasion US assets were used since 4 of the WIAs are currently being treated in a US hospital in Germany while 5 others remain in the French Role 2 in A-stan.

Source in French: http://lemamouth.blogspot.com/2009/09/des-nouvelles-de-la-1ere-compagnie.html
The second KIA has been identified a Caporal-Chef Rousseau, aged 30, father of one.

It was his second tour in Afghanistan. He also had served in Bosnia ( 2000), twice in Ivory Coast (2004 and 2006), in Kosovo (2005) and in the CAR.

Apparently, the IED hit the ammo of the VAB, causing a secondary explosion within the APC. The WIAs have extensive burns, the most critical cases having more than 70% burns.
RIP marsouins. Il revint immortel de la grande bataille

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