Discussion in 'Infantry' started by FR_Trooper, Dec 3, 2009.

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  1. do they still have warriors? was told that they had them taken off them a while back.
  3. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    No Warriors any more.

    They call them "soldiers" or "infanteers" nowadays.

    You trolling bellend.
  4. grow a pair you couple of cnuts :D
  5. Heard they are keepin one Coy of Warriors...not sure if its true though.
  6. How big are yours? Im sure they are massive considering all he tours you have done, wait....
  7. Not this cnut again, I thought he'd taken the hint.
  8. Nope, still lingering like a bad case of scot rot.
  9. What's the reason for needing to know?....j-j-journalist....? 8O
  10. Go down the QM's, I think your O2 tag's in.

    ¡ Belle huende !
  11. They have loads of drugs such as ecstasy, cocaine and marijuana if that's any help.
  12. 4 Scots still use Warriors, although we also have Saxons.

    Being an Armoured Infantry Bn you would expect them to have armour :roll:

    Maybe the "rumour" was started because during the last deployment to Afghanistan the Bn was split and a large element went to support 16th Air Assault Brigade....not known for dropping "metal" Warriors from the sky... :wink:

  13. cheers
  14. Do they still all stink?? smelly feckin jocks.
  15. Try the Naafi Bar with that attitude :roll: