4 RTR in Nicosia

I noticed during my time with the UN that there is a gert big eye painted on one of the hanger doors up on the old airport.

Knowing their fetish for painting eyes on anything that moves (doors open and close before you grip me) would the aforesaid Regiment be responsible for this one?

Do any of 4 RTR remember their tour in that Keo soaked Island?
Hey you are right you know, i have seen it too!! It is on a door, oh hold on i was with you!! Still rough from Cav Mem!!
Not Quite Nicosia,

I was detached from 12 armd Det wksp REME in early 79 to 4 RTR LAD REME A Sqn while Geordie Ratcliffs missus had her baby, it was for Pre Batus Trg on Soltau, here are a few pics form that exercise, can someone confirm What name the ARV had as I cant remember and someone else is also searching for that name, if it is this ARV then we can shout House!

I remember about Hoskins being burnt in the SQMS tent, getting beer that had been in the fire for 10pfgs a can as we lied and said it was shite lol,

short tracking a massive s/sgts c/s, and being asked to transfer to tankie after the exercise,
and was invited to the party before batus good times, well remembered, hope the photos hit the memory banks of some

Robbie Mckerron ECE off on shovel recce



The Chinese Eye was painted to celebrate Cambrai Day (20 Nov) on the '91 tour, Halcyon days!

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