4 Rifles Freedom Parade, Salisbury, Tuesday 11th December

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by GwaiLo, Nov 27, 2007.

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  1. The regiment, whose home base is Bulford Camp, has accepted an invitation from the Mayor os Salisbury Kevin Cardy to march through the city on Tuesday December 11, in a parade that will start from the Cathedral Close at 11am.

    In a three-month stand at Basra Palace, 4 Rifles Battle Group endured 2,000 mortar and rocket attacks, 100 roadside bombs and 400 rocket-propelled grenade strikes. The base was handed over to Iraqi control in September and the troops moved out to the city’s airport. In total they had 11 killed and 62 wounded on tour.

    I shall be travelling down to Salisbury to show my respect and admiration. Anyone who wants a lift from London pm me.

    Please support this ad turn out if you can.

    Swift & Bold
  2. i worked with 4 rifles on telic 10 and theyre a good set of lads

    only went to the palace 4/5 times on convoys, but had to stay overnight... and fair do's it was fcuking hardcore there

    we've also got a parade in cardiff on the 11th...
  3. Start a thread with the Cardiff details Chris. You all did a good job and deserve your parade to be well attended.

    Editted to add

    Oops, I see you already have. I'm a mong.
  4. To all in 4 Rifles, enjoy your parade lads from what I hear over in 5 Rifles you bloody well earned it. Wish I was on leave a little earlier to see it.
  5. Just said on Radio2 that local hostelries in Salisbury have been doing free drinks for them after the parade :D
  6. Brilliant parade by the soldiers and an excellent turnout, it was nice to see the city coming out to pay their respects to some local heroes.

    Also took my mate into the careers office i used, which is just round the corner to start his application process.
  7. God have they ever...
  8. Sorry could not make it, ensured my Parents were in attendance though. Mother shed a few tears... bit old though, before someone quips, even for MDN.
  9. I was there cheering and clapping, well done lads you put on a bloody good show!

    Although it did occur to me that bayonets were not fixed; does this mean that the freedon of the City of Salisbury has not yet been given to the 4th Rifles as it was to their predecessors the RGBW's?
  10. Have you tried marching with a sword attached at the trial?!

    It’s just not the done thing with us, swords are for killing the Queens enemies, not prancing about with.
  11. A good write up and some pictures from US blogger Michael Yon:

  12. Ah, point taken! :oops:

    I come from an age when the issue weapon was a bit longer and we rarely carried it at the trail.
  13. HT .. at the Trail is the carrying position in Rifle Regiment drill.

    Saw the parade on TV last night .. well done to all those who took part which includes what looked to be a very large number of locals who turned up. Thoughts very much with those who didn't make it back for the parade and their families at this sad time.
  14. Saw this and the one from Cardiff on the news last night, great attendance at both locations, well lads/lassies