4 RHA?????????

Have just checked out the Army Website and have discovered that 4th Regt RA are, according to the Army, 4th Regt RHA.

LINK - Click on Close Support - AS90 and see.

Wonder if anyone can shed any light on this??
Same as 5th Regt RA they used to be 5 RHA back in the 1980s. I assume their titles were changed in a re roleing exercise back then, 4th Regt as a normal field Regiment and 5th as a Heavy. As confirmation i show you the 5th Regiment "Cypher".

Just to clarify. I understand that 4th Regt used to be RHA a long time ago. What I am saying is that on the official Army Website, they are down as 4th Regt RHA. There are only three RHA Regts – 1st, 3rd and 7th.

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