4 Regt RA

Hi all,

I am about to be posted to 4 Regt RA in Topcliffe.

Is anyone currently there or who has been there recently, who can give me a heads up on what to expect, having never served with Royal Artillery before.

What is the WOs & Sgts Mess like, and are you friendly to attached arms!!

Any info would be appreciated.

Was around 4 Guns when they were in Osnatraz and attached arms used to get treated good by the Geordies.......not sure what its like now there in UK but normally RA messes are good and the RA I was attached to looked after the Workshops well. You definately need a car up at Topcliffe though.
Topcliffe is an old RAF camp and as such, is in the sticks and surrounded by fields. Topcliffe village is about 1,5 miles away, but has no facilities except for a single pub! Nearest town (Thirsk) is about four miles away and Northallerton etc. about ten miles away, so as The Iron says, you will need a car!
i my self in about 10 weeks ill be joining regt but i have no clue about the bty's or what the camps like................... heads up ....?

You can see the camp on Google Earth. Put in 'Topcliffe' and look north of the village, or put in 'Thirsk' and look south west. It's an old airfield, so easy to spot!

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