4 Regt RA web site

Just been surfing about and stumbled upon the 4 Regt RA website....


Some well written articles on there... particluarly, an honest report on Op Telic...


And some good Bty journals from Op Telic 5


This from the 94 Bty Journal made me laugh...

The names are Bond; Richie, Del and Dougie Bond. Our mission to work undercover in the sneaky-beaky world of intelligence. British Intelligence as our Yankee friends refer to us. Fast cars, fast women, casinos, yachts, and sharks with 'frikken laser beams on their heads'. And you thought we were coming out to do a dull job in the Int Cell. There are no days full of sorting through paperwork, spending endless hours in front of computer screens or writing reports after report. No not for us, its just party-party-party. Oh and a bit of work.
Good work lads, keep it up...!!!
Ive check most of the Gunner websites and this is one of the better ones. Some of the web masters should take note and get in touch as some websites are very poor and do not give the best first impression. More photos of weapons in action please..
I concur, was with 4th for 11 years and the best bunch of memories I have. Sadly, I don't know the faces on the pics but it's good to see the Regt fully informs those who have interest. Moreso, the pure fact that the articles are authored by 'one of the lads' instead of some BC or Adjt writing a bloody essay. Yes, Good work lads, keep it up. Does anyone in 4th remember Tattoo (tats) the RP maniac? Oh and I have some news on his scouse comedian sidekick if anyone is interested!
I remember tommy tats and scouse the vicar or ROO, tats and his footie team. Some great memories from those battery bars in the cellars. Would like to go back sometime. Mybe find tats and simmo and the other hard nuts to give us some more boxing exercises. They would certainly shake up some of the slackers there now....
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