4 Regt Disbanding

Let's hope it's true. About time we got rid of those growbag wearing ego maniacs with their collection of pitiful excuses about how they can't fly because it's too:

windy/rainy/sunny/cold/late/early/Monday/inconvenient *

Perhaps we should spend the huge amount of many this welcome cut (eeeerrrrrrrr I mean saving) will generate by buying more:

hospitals/educashun/aircraft carriers*

* Delete as appropriate.

Of course, the downside of this measure will be our reduced chances in the annual NATO officers' huge ego championships; however, perhaps a few gunners can be promoted into the team to make up the numbers?
Ah, Ethel, youre mistaking us for the Farrah wearing, grey slip on shoed (with white socks) Civvy flying club that is the RAF.

You wouldnt want to accuse the 70% of the AAC pilots who used to be from the field army of being total w anker s too? :lol:
Ah indeed, there must be where my confusion lies your Flashiness. In truth I agree that not all of the 70% of non-AAC pilots fit my earlier description; more like 40%. Coupled with the 30% original AAC that still gives us a grand total of 60% tossers (mathematical genius at work). Clearly, I would not consider your good self to be part of THAT particular statistic.

As a neutral, it is my humble opinion that, in fact, Royal Navy pilots are by far the best in any of the Services. (This view is backed up by both practical experience of and having friends in both codes - ie RN and AAC; obviously, nobody has friends in the RAF).
Ohh, another saucer of milk for ETA - good one though even if a mild dose of a reality pill is required.

Dumping of 4 Regt? The mind boggles.

ETA / Flash,

Don't under sell your abilities or those of any other professional flying forte. It certainly isn't done outside and why when the attributes of services flying are much more arduous, should we belittle those within. Inter-Service revelry has always been the norm with crabfat taking the brunt but each to their own.

It is a form of insecurity / inability to do ones job of work to continually look for a shortfall in others. Once again, service revelry had the knack of sailing close to the wind with regard to pointing the finger at those who "failed to come up to the standard". - more offend than not without regard to all the facts.

How many times have we all said:

"Oh Teeth-arm Pilots give better support to the chaps during insertions / extractions"

"Crabs never turn to on time 'cos they always in the Hotel having breakfast"

"It's Ok he's a Corps Pilot, he can't map-read"

I mean honestly now, how would you like to suffer the indignity of having to stay in a Hotel and because of JAP's couldn't fly until you had breakfast - which unfortunately wasn't served until 07:30 - by the time you had then packed and the transport arrived at 08:30 - unless first light was around 09:30ish you couldn't possibly be involved in any activity before 10:00!

Ahga ga ga ga…


Believe it or not, I used to be envious of Royal Air Force aircrew. They are allowed to get on with their jobs without the interference of the groundborne hierarchy waking them up in the middle of the night to go on a patrol, or to "stand-to". They are classed as pilots first and always, whereas in the Corps we were soldiers first and then pilots.

I cant remember seeing a cammed-up Wessex or Puma in the field where the camouflage was erected by the aircrew!!! It was always pre-erected by the ground crew.

Still, with all that said, I loved the Corps and everything that went with it (except the bovine-droppings).
Yeah, never saw them "doing it" without the aid of a nightsun (or Dectrack for that matter), around R850!
ETA, reference your comment on RN pilots.

As a grunt in NI in the 70's I too regarded the Navy as having the best pilots and offering the best service, particularly in poor weather.

It was only after becoming a pilot and being around for some years that I realised that the main reason was probably the Navy had a more relaxed approach when it came to setting down limits as to what conditions the crews could operate in, for example it would not have been frowned on if a crew had to hover taxi from the cuds back into R650 as long as the troops got home whereas the Army attitude would have been "good effort but try not to do it again" and the Crab response would have been "you did WHAT?"

I also found out when working on exchange with the RAF that there was a definate blame culture in operation and no one was willing to stetch a point or limit in case it went wrong and they would get no back-up from above.

My experience in the Army is that if you were making a genuine effort to support an operation, if you did bend or break something you at least were given the benefit of the doubt.

I work at Wattisham, and this is the first time Ive heard anything of this. Its got to be BO**OCKS :D
Hasn't it?
All to do with the number of AH, servicibility, training, manpower, blah blah.

If not disbanding, then certainly not getting AH.

Allegedly all in the new govnt white paper due soon.

Is this fresh Int?
They were going to disband 1 Regt AAC, but all the German wives went mental, suffering from shivers and cold sweats because they would have to leave the Fatherland!
I don't know about disbanding, but if the current big cheese doesn't leave soon, I think everyone may walk out. Refusing Toms there honeymoons just to go on Battle camps is not good for morale, as for the Friday night gating, whats that all about ?
The latest on 4 Regt:
Disbanding has been put on backburner of random ideas, the latest plan from Billy Smarts is that 1 Regt will come to England, and then there will be a hooj renumbering of the regiments, ie 4 become 9, 2 becomes 4, juggle juggle etc. Apart from 1 Regt, it is NOT a mass exodus of Red & Green personnel to Wallop. Regiments will just switch DZ's and numbers.

Not sure what the plan will be next week though! :?


And there was me thinking it was something important but its only TWA the GOC taxi service!
I heard this rumour too, I heard that 4Regt would swap locations with 9Regt, this was due to AH........Of course! Someone somewhere is thinking along the lines of having 2 major AH Regiments in one location. In a way it makes sense? 16 Bde all cosy together?
Ah now I was there when 2 Sqdns of 9 Regt amalgamated with 1 Sqdn of 4 to form 4 Regt AAC in Detmold.
I'll pass on the AAC side but the bloodletting in the LAD/WKSP was most entertaining.
ASM chopped, an event never been seen before by anyone and and the ensuring infighting lasted for years.
Servicability what a joke REMEs split 50/50 half on Gaz and half on the four blader.
Good guys and bad guys, Sqdn commanders fighting to keep their Reme's and OC LAD beating his heed against the wall.
Then there was the Regimental Photo ahgga, detail two Remes with 35 mil cameras to do the honours, David Baily wouldn't have stood a chance.
JW, I was there too, and the stupid thing was they got rid of the best Regiment and kept the Sh**e one!! 8) . And it's stupid F***ing badges!
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