4 Regt aac wrksp

Discussion in 'REME' started by thesoontobe, Feb 23, 2011.

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  1. Getting posted there as an armourer, but can find out anything about the unit or any info, not massively impressed but hey ho

    Any info on what Wattisham is like and what to expect there as a class 3
  2. They would probably expect the correct abbreviation of workshop. (Wksp) :p
  3. Mate its like the face of the ******* moon around there!
  4. Care to elaborate ? And I'll be sure to brush up on my abbreviations, just incase
  5. Good lad, as said its fairly bleak but Ipswich isn't to far away, but the red light area is a few prostitutes light in recent years.

  6. Stay out of the way of the tech hierarchy and find yourself some VM's or recymechs to befriend. Treat the squawks with the contempt they deserve. You will be a tiny island of steam remes surrounded by a sea of powder blue. Enjoy! Oh and by the way....you will be required to wear a light blue beret as well, no matter how much you try and avoid it!!
  7. Longmore in 2002? (No im not the Armourer!).
  8. You are about to meet possibly one of the best people in the corps to take you under his wing and teach you what he knows.

    Just ffs do not, under any circumstances argue with his evil twin when he is drunk- you will be destroyed!
  9. What's it like as a unit to be at, I've showed no intrest or expressed intrest in an aac posting in my preference so it's bit out the blue, any idea what it's like working there and equipment cse etc, tours, heard about cse in arizona or California
  10. It matters not what interest you do or dont show- when MCM decide, your opinion counts for bugger all! Especially as a fresh one from SEME!
    As to the unit, never been, however I know the sgt there well.

    Why not just ring up? If you have your assignment order its polite to ring anyway!
  11. Ringing up your unit for info is a no no here, no idea why but you strongly told not to do it. Brilliant, going into this one blind then
  12. And writing is old fashioned but professionally polite ;-)

    3&4 Regts are good units. Very busy and big but I think you'll enjoy the AAC way. You'll hopefully get treated like an adult.
  13. From SEME?
    **** that, give your prod office a bell (best manners mind). The last two toms at my place gave our troop staffy a ring. He gave them a heads up and dispatched the latest FOE to them.
  14. At an squawk unit....since ******* when?
  15. Compared to a Loggie unit or some other random mess tin capbadge....