4 regt aac detmold 91/94

??? What are you on???


Personally, of my time in Detmold I much preferred 79 to 82 when I spent most of my life inebriated, as compared to the forced semi-sobriety of 82 to 92.


No, Jon, I've always been a fat knacker. I was more concerned for my liver.........
I thought Ralph was still with us.
I saw him last at a Father and Sons do at Dishforth about 2003.
Exactly the same, with that troublesome schoolboy look in his eye. What a guy!

I was duty driver the night he fell through the glass door in his Detmold quarter. Not a pretty sight!
Yes Sid. Ralph wuz not a pretty sight on a good day.
Duty rumour wuz that Ralph's heart wuz visible, obviouly just a rumour as who ever heard of an SQMS with a heart.
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