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I would be interested to hear views around my current position. I am nearly 31 , keep myself very fit but lack a lot of self confidence. From reading some of these messages I would say I probably also lack a level of practical skill as well.

So you may wonder what Im on here for , well I have decided that maybe the TA could assist me in my goal of mentally toughening up, developing a positive attitude and having pride in learning (however hard I initially find them) the soldiering skills etc.

For some stupid reason what I keep thinking about is joining 4 Para (!). At this moment of time the thought of that scares the crap out of me but when I take a step back I keep thinking what a changed person I would be after a years training and so on. Ive read that some say the Paras are born, but I guess Im asking whether the mindset can be developed

So really what I am asking is , whether there is a place for me to realise my goals and ambitions in 4 Para ?. I realise that normally people join up because of their passion for the army, wanting to serve on Ops etc, well I can tell you that I would be pushing myself as hard as I could every drill night and every weekend but I suppose as I imagine 4 Para as pretty elite my only fear is whether I would stand out amongst the hard core recruits.

In terms of OPS, I am aware and accepting of the situation and tied in with the above, with training etc would happily be there if asked.

Cheers in advance
There are plenty of threads about 4 PARA on this site (do a quick search).

I had 3 great years with the Battalion before joining the Regs.

So long as you are mentally agile and physically fit you should have no problems. Being 30 is not a problem. All the skills you need to pass the tests etc you will be trained and given: no-one expects a raw recruit to turn up with ninja fighting skills (and from personal experience, those who turn up proffessing such skills seldom last more than a few weeks).

It can be hard work (obviously), but can also be tremendous fun (though my time in the Bn was a long time ago - 16 (Lincoln) Coy ). Relax and enjoy. Complete each task as given and keep a sense of humour about yourself. Don't be gobby or give excuses and you should fit in. But as you are 30 you are almost certainly mature enough to already know the last few points.



As has been said above, your age is no problem.

Whether you are successful or not is entirely dependant on you. All recruits start with the proverbial clean sheet, and are trained in not selected out. As long as you meet the required standards on each of the 9 cadre weekends, you will progress onto the next one, and ultimately onto CIC and P Coy. You will be given lots of advice, and your fitness will be assessed on each recruit weekend and on Tuesday nights.

Now comes the hard bit - success is entirely dependant on your willingness to train in your own time, and your ability to work through pain/discomfort.

The training is hard, but achievable AS LONG AS YOU PUT A LOT OF EFFORT INTO IT IN YOUR OWN TIME! The weekends will hurt you - a lot - but they are progressive, and you just need to stick with it. The current cadre at my location is cruising towards a 100% failure rate (from 20+ who started) purely because they are not working hard enough in their own time. 4 Para can guide, but not do it for you.

On the up side, it is a very professional unit with a good reputation within the TA, and more importantly within the regular Bns. We have people serving with, or preparing to serve with all 3 regular Para Regt Bns (including SFSG). If you meet the standards to join it, you can certainly take pride in your achievements, specifically your level of dedication, determination and will to succeed. You will never complain about a lack of confidence again (just ask anyone else in the army about the numbers of Paras they have met who lack self confidence!).

Go for it, and good luck.

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