4 para

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bade, Sep 9, 2004.

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  1. hi, anyone had a go at 4 para, in it etc? Need helpful insights into the course that im starting. Oh dear the pain
  2. Aye, if the lads on PTC are a guide, don't believe the hype!
  3. Some good guys, usually the ones that have been in for a bit longer... Spoons, The Hon. Ian, Mortar Boss etc. A lot of them have been away of late, getting tanned with a Reg Para Bn and so will no doubt have a good stock of war stories.

    Problem is the Toms - think they are Gods gift to soldiering and there is a critical mass of about three - after which they turn into utter tw@ts. ( Been on courses with them. ) After a while, when they realise that other Inf blokes really are not that impressed and don't equate continued animal noises with wit, they get to be OK.

    Top tips: get fit, then get a bit fitter.
  4. Ask "firey" he knows all about 4 Para ;)