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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by PM-88, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. Can you join 4 Para while at university? If so, when would you do CIC and P Company? Would they be done in the holidays?


  2. Yes. Depends which uni. Mine let me take the two weeks off (cause its a mickey mouse place at best) - but I think one occurs over the holidays (June/July time?) They get done usually as a one-er in a two week block. How far is the commuting time between nearest Company and your Uni?
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Check your PMs
  4. Yes - lots of students join 4 PARA. Dates for CIC/PPS are given during training and its up to the individual to arrange time off - they dont change/plan course dates around your studies.

    Phone your local unit and make enquiries. They are back from Easter leave tomorrow and a new Recruit Cadre is starting sometime around June.
  5. hijacking the thread slightly here, ive applied to do the Military Gap Year with 4 PARA. im 18 and have served for 1 year with the TA. i was wondering if anyone on here has done/is doing the MGY, and could give me some basic info (from a Tom's perspective) on the scheme, alternatively, if The_Duke reads this, do you have any info as you seem to be a font of knowledge?
  6. This is terrifying.

    Don't you kids realise that The_Duke is the Pied Piper?
  7. that my friend, is rather hypocritical, considering your sole ambition in life is to take over the world
  8. yes.

    the majority of the blokes (ie toms and JNCOs) in my coy (15 Coy in Scotland) are at uni.

    i am a section comd in 4 PARA and I am in my final year at uni.

    personally i could not of gotten through 4 yrs of hanging around tax dodging/ long haired/ non-washing/ anti-war/leftist fannies with out being able to go away on the wknds/courses/ops

    plus OTC chicks f*cking love you. you WILL make a killing on that front.

    if you pass.

    my uni has never had a problem with me disappearing for weeks on end (probably because of my mickey mouse course and the fact that my tutor's husband is ex para reg!)
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    And I would've got away with it if it wasn't for you pesky kids....


    I have the instruction concerning MGY, but if you have applied you will have the same paperwork as me. If in doubt, go to your nearest 4 Para location and have a chat with the Toms. They won't bite.
  10. Thanks, theres been some great help (now to work on the old fitness!)
  11. Good luck, mate.

    P Company is widely regarded as the hardest test out side of SF Selection.
  12. Rubbish, the Army catering test must be REALLY hard as no bugger seems to pass it

    Saucer of cream for Ms Bravo! :clap:
  14. what harder than the commando course lympstone?
  15. PPS, AACC and STA Ptl Selection are hard in different ways, and arguments about which is hardest generally comes down to whether your beret is Maroon, Green or Khaki. It's rather silly to argue about such things.