Good evening!
I posted on here for the first time around a week ago seeking some advice on the TA because my AOSB mainboard didnt go to plan. Any way, I was enquiring specifically regarding the 4 Para battlegroup, and got some good feedback from the likes of the_duke, if I remember correctly.
I called the recruitment number from the 4Para website and am still so far unable to get through. I have left messages on their voice mail, but so far, no reply. I then looked up the number for the most local 4Para company (London), and called them. I managed to get though but the lady on the other end was of very little help! She did however say she would post me some information about joining the battalion, which I am yet to recieve. :-(
Whats going on?! Poor service with regards to recruitment on the Para's behalf? In contrast I phoned the contact number for London RMR, and after 5 mins of chat arranged to see them this wednesday evening!

I've decided to visit the AFCO tomorrow in London (Tottenham Court Rd, I believe) to see whether they can help as i'm not getting to far at the moment. Any idea's?



4 Para has a central recruiting line, and it takes a while for it to filter down to the people who deal with it. You probably spoke to the civillian clerk, who is not much use to you. Try the same number again and ask for the PSAO or SPSI. Failing that, turn up at White City TAC o Tuesday at 2000 hrs and ask to speak to the PSAO or Coy 2ic.

All will be revealed!

Poor admin is not excusable,but like all units we are very busy, and sometimes other things may take priority at that time. When did you call her? When you consider we have been busy with the various services of remembrance, Lord mayor's parade etc etc it may give some answers as to the delay.

Cheers the_duke. I popped down to the AFCO and enquired regarding 4para and straight away the chap their contacted 4para and arranged an interview in Croydon for the evening of that same day.
Anyhow, it was'nt an interview just a chat with the colour sergant (MOD edit: no names) who took some details from me and said I would recieve some corresspondent in the new year of a "Look at life" day in White City. He said that the next batch of recruits start training March 4th.
Just a couple of questions....
Is this "look at life" an assessment? Medical? Is it here you sign on the dotted line?
Also I am able to travel comfortably to either White hall or Croydon so what are the pro's and con's of each? I notice that the Croydon company is the mortar company.

On a seperate note I have my AOSB report and have spoken to my sponsor. Seems positive; they say that they strongly recomment I have another go. The report its self is a mixed bag. Half is positive, half negative, but my sponsor say the negatives can be rectified. Apparantly I did not contribute enough to the group in the planning exercise discussion and took to long to listen to other suggestions in my leadered task. In addition although I was considered fit enough, apparantly not 'agile' enough! Also my military knowledge was 'borderline.' Anway they are things I can put right in the next 12 months and i'm sure joining 4para wont hurt my chances.

Thanks in advance.
Normaly the look at life will be a chance to look at what the guys do in the company i.e us jocks normaly have the guns set up etc. This is the chance for us to show you what we do and for you to look at what we do and decide if you fancy it. If not you can leave with no obligation.

If you decide to join you can fill out any paper work that may be required with help from the admin staff. The doctor will also have a little feel of you boll0cks from his own personal sexual pleasure in lieu of a medical. Once you have been medicald we do a PFT. This is our chance to get our first look at you and to get an idea of how fit you are. You should aim to get under 10.30 in the run, if not you will struggle on the recruit weekends.

Cant comment on which is a better location but there are good lads in each location with plenty of operational experience having served with the regulars in Iraq and Afgan. 4 Para I would say is a good place to get experience as in 15 coy we currently have 6-7 guys that have either passed RCB or are due to take it soon and Im sure the other companays are the same.




The look at life will be held in White City, and consists of briefings, introductions to kit, equipment, role etc. You will also do the essential paperwork and preparation for the issue of kit. The assumption is that if you attend the look at life, then you are serious about joining. You have the option to leave prior to the admin phase if you do not feel you want to join after the briefings etc. It is not a test, and there is no PFT (lack of time).

White City houses the 2 rifle platoons (and Coy HQ) , and Croydon the Mortar platoon. The majority of the manpower is at White City, and you probably do most of your recruit training from there. The choice is then yours, and you can worry about that once you have passed CIC and P Coy.


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