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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by nipper, Sep 8, 2006.

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  1. i am thiniking of joining 4Para. Ihave been to ITC Catterick as a joe and was there for 6 months, before i got injured and had to leave. I am now in a job that i could apply for the 4PARA course. could anyone give me a insight. eg, what do the weekends consist off?physical requirements?tours? how often a does a course starts?just would like to no more.

    since leaving depot ive missed it all and hate the fact i never earned my maroon machine,

    i also miss the phys, want to get beast again, haha

    if you can help at all ,please post
  2. try going back to college to learn English as well. Not taking the p1ss but your post looks like it was written by a 12 year old.
  3. just done so now, my english is shite i agree
  4. The few 4 Para lads Ive met were all completely mental, in a good way of course.
  5. sounds good to me, already getting a little bored of my civvi life
  6. That's nothing. While I was in training for the Reg, a guy leaned over to me during a map reading lesson and asked...

    "'Ere, how do I spell MAP?"

    Follwed 5 mins later by

    "...and GRID?"
  7. Why not join back up full-time then?
  8. probably the medical discharge prevents him doing so - but the TA medical is less stringent as the phys is mostly in your own time and if you get buggered then you can't claim!

    There are plenty of medically discharged bods who have gone on to have very successful TA careers. Many have gone on to join the Regs via S-Type engagements or by reattempting the recruitment process after the injuries have healed.
  9. i would but my lower back was fuccked, my way of thinking is that if i do weekends and get beasted it will take two days of it, but when in depot its constant. so when it is doing me in i can rest it and wait till later in the day to do a tab rather than first thing when its still in rag, not sure if it will work but dont want to fail again and hated being the broke joe and going to williams coy with the hats
  10. yeah daddy, its says that in 2008 they will go to afgan, its on there website. and ive heard if you do a tour with he regulars then you can transfer is this true
  11. He is 12
    :D :D :D
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Sorry to disappoint you, but if your back is knackered you will find 4 Para very hard indeed, and may put your recovery back. Remember that if you need to avoid training for a few days after each weekend, you will not be getting much training done in your own time. Also, the 2 week CIC and P Coy will not give you time off to recover, nor will your 6 month mobilisation.

    In outline, it is 8 (possibly 9) weekends over 3 months starting assuming no military knowledge, and with very basic fitness. You will also do phys and basic lessons on every Tuesday evening in between. By the last weekend you will need to be up to P Coy standards. If you pass your test 8 or 10 miler on weekend 7 you will be sent to CIC and P Coy at Catterick. This phase is run by the P Coy staff, so you know what to expect there! There are 3 recruit cadres per year.

    From there you go to your wings course at some stage. You need to be willing to mobilise within the first few years of joining.

    Bottom line is that it is not an easy option, and you are very likely to find that you back injury may yet cause problems.

  13. if you do pass P Coy and get your wings up and do an attachment to one of the 3 regular battalions (not a TA only mobilisation) there is an option to stay on, but that is at the discretion of the unit you serve with.

    I did an S-Type and was offered a chance to stay but for reasons I won't go into I decided not to.

    So if you're keen, fit, don't feck up and fit in you have a good chance.

    But as the Duke says - sort your back out first. Get as much physio from the NHS as you can and don't kid yourself about your recovery - even normal infantry puts a lot of stress on your back!
  14. i understand that i will have a tough time with 4para too. i have seen though how hard it is in cic Catterick and i was in Athens platoon which seemed to me to get really fuckk up. but after enduring that i believe i can get through it. i didnt mean a few days rest but i meant that i wouldnt be doing a 8mile tab then getting beasted during the day then doing it again tomo after little sleep. where as if i was at home i could wait till the afternoon or do a run instead of a tab. just want to get through it.

    if i pass i hope i will fit in, i got on ok with my nco's at catterick in both platoons so i hope that will keep me in good stead when i go back.
    is the any one in 4Para on here that i could speak too?
  15. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Dad - you are a pretty negative sort of guy. Look back on your posts and see if you have contributed to any discussion in any way. By all means, go back to college( :cry: :? ) but learn to get along with people rather than just say 'Not trying to take the p!ss' .

    p.s. I haven't read all your posts - just enough