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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by crumpets, Apr 17, 2006.

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  1. i am curious as to what training 4 PARA does- is it the regular p-company or is it a shortend version??
    also- what similarities does 4 PARA and the HAC have- which would get you out more and would provide the best military experience???
    many thanks
  2. It's a shortened version of P-coy, shoehorned into the normal TA Combat Infantryman's Course with no extra days given (what gets dropped then?), it doesn't include the Endurance March ("Steel Bayonet"?), and you get more time for the tests (2 hrs for the 10 miler vs 1 hr 50 for example).
  3. Why have you got a Parachute Regiment capbadge in your avatar? Surely you're not Para Regt if you're asking questions related to it's training. Have you also got a Para Regt capbadge tattood on your right shoulder? :?
  4. bad man!! :evil:

    Yes it is shortnened, but don't be under the illusion that it's easy cos it's not -it f'ing hurts! But full resepect to the regs. Our training Calandar this year is chocker mate, Egypt, Albania, France, Belgium + the rest.. :lol:
  5. ....................................
  6. haha- so football fans can't get a replica t-shirt and wear it to matches???
    thanks for the info tho- a good help.
    what sort of times do the training and drill night take place??? can it be spun around a school/uni timetable???
  7. Football fans haven't gone through a very tough selection process to earn the honour of wearing a Para Regt T shirt. A bit like you! ARRSE members will look at your avatar and believe you are a Paratrooper which you obviously are not. Walter mitty! :wink:
  8. fair enough
  9. happy now?????
  10. Good on you McM. You listened to what you were told and took action. Maybe there's still hope for today's youth.
  11. Yes, i'm a happy bunny now! :D
  12. rite....
    what sort of times do the training and drill night take place??? can it be spun around a school/uni timetable???

  13. I'm in 3 PARA mate so i can't really help you on anything to do with the TA. You'll get to accompany us on most op's though as we're well under strength!

    Good luck whatever you decide.
  14. ok- many thanks all!
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