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You will soon meet a man who will insist on wearing either a white vest or a strange blue tracksuit top. He will have all sorts of strange catchphrases including "touch all four corners of the gym......goooooo!", "prepare to double", "pick up the log" and the old favourite- "stand by, go".

He will decide where you will do your phys. It will include the centre, the roads around it, parks and also on army training areas.

Yep. As has already been said, be fit. The fitter you are the easier you'll find it.

That said, even the fittest fail at times due to lack of guts and determination.
Seems like the more i read about this, it becomes clearer that the mental attitude is equally if not more important. Aha i guess thats another PTI joke? I saw one a minute ago about drowning them by attaching mirrors to the bottoms of swimming pools lol
It is fair to say that Gym Queens do have an Oedipus complex.
Whoever said 'Words cannot hurt me' has never had a guy in a white vest say "Pick up the log" to them.

All the Phys is in the local area, pitches, gym on Camp and local run routes apart from Weekends - that's as much as I know as I'm very new to the Bn, for everything else listen to the nice folk on here with a winged capbadge.
Quite probably.

But you know I really meant Narcissustic tendencies.

Thanks Poppy, for pointing out that I am chopper. :)
glad to be of service :)

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