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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by cannon fodder, May 30, 2005.

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  1. Is the TA (4 Para) P Coy the same as the regular one as the required tests look the same, presume its the same tests in less time?

    Also I have done Phase 1 and CIC, would I have to do these again for 4 Para or are the same as what I have done, (having done basic and CIC for london reg infantry).

  2. Believe it's the same P-Coy, less the 20-miler Endurance. TA PPS is tagged on to the end of CIC Catterick. I was on Test Weekend with quite a few trained soldiers, so my guess is that you'd have to do the 8 RT weekends and Para CIC, i.e start over. But I'm really not sure on that - give White City a ding.
  3. Thanks Sarnian, will do.
  4. Another option is to join an Airborne Arms unit, 266 Para Bty or 144 Para Med Sqdn, go straight to P Coy if your a trained soldier then transfer to 4 Para.

    There are few advantages to being in the TA, but the ability to change unit and move around is one of them.

    If your feeling up for a real challenge go to 131 Cdo Sqdn RE, complete Cdo course and you can go on to Para training without needing to do P Coy.

    Sappers are hard as nails anyway, do stacks of infantry work plus their own trade and Cdo training is at least as hard as Para trg but teaches you lots more.

    The options are endless.

  5. But cant Knock em in straight! :lol: :lol:
  6. Never said they were perfect. Attached to 78 Engr Regt for several years, Sappers were great though, often, very, very thick.

    There was a girl, Sapper, ugly as sin, but with a great sense of humour. She used to ride a great big Harey Davidson as she said it was her only chance of having something large and throbbing between her legs!

    78 Probably the nicest TA unit I ever served in.

    An Infantry Coy, Sig Sqdn, Transport Sqdn and Arty Bty all thrown in together with some MP's and told to get on with it.

    The Transport Sqdn, became sappers, who after the change ended up as AD Gunners.

    The Gunners, became Amph sappers, who ended up as Bomb Disposal Sappers.

    The Inf, became sappers, and were changed to medics

    A lot were sacked to moved to other units.

    And now many of them are to change again, AD Aty are re rolling to Engr again.

    No wonder retention in the TA is shite.

  7. got a m8 on cadre just statred for 4 para and he's been told tests are the same minus 20 miler (not enough time) and a little bit of leeway on the tabs (as in mins) but id imagine the p coy staff wont give a monkeys about that and just go at it at same speed and if you dont keep up with main group jack wagon tata are you so no points that event
  8. some of the posts on here are harder to decipher than BATCO messages encoded by some blind mad Russian.
  9. ^ It's all part of the fun!
  10. Miss Jolie? OhGodYeah!
  11. (Sappers are hard as nails ) Ha Ha
  12. No chance! It never used to be that way anyway and I doubt it's changed.

    No, you wouldn't have to do basic again, especially if you've done CIC. The CIC qualification is the same qualification you get doing it with them. The reason they might want you to go through some of the basic weekends again is fitness.
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

  14. cannonfodder,

    Sounds like you're in the same situation as me being a recently trained soldier who has completed CIC and is looking to transfer into 4 PARA. The information I got from 12 Company in Pudsey was that there would be no problem with me transfering straight into the unit. IF my fitness was up to standard then I could have a crack at the next P-Company (a full week as I understand - those in the know correct me if wrong). However, if my fitness needed working on (as I think it probably will) I could do the weekends and then attempt P-Company. I am off up to look at the unit itself tommorrow night and if I hear any different I will let you know.

    From what I have gathered the level of fitness required is marginally below the regs with TA P-Company not including the 20 miler and slighter longer pass times for some of the tests. However, more than any other TA infantry unit 4 PARA seems to set its standard by the regular battalions so bear that in mind.
  15. A friend of mine transferred from a Sigs unit to 10 Coy - they insisted he do their full recruit course.