Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by samsam123, May 6, 2010.

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  1. Hello,
    im looking at joining 4para i havent a clue what the recruting and training process is and what it consists of would someone be able to help me out?
  2. Have a look on the TA forum theres more than enough info on there
  3. Have you binned the Regs already? Looking through your posts you are (were) in Queens division at ITC Catterick.

    Anyway, in answer to your question, ring them up, find out what night they parade and go and find out. The recruiting staff will happily tell you.
  4. cheers mate, just that Queens div were shit and full of fat jack c**ts so i asked to transfur to para but there wasent a place for me till end of this year so im doing ta and the going to para coy at a later time
  5. PM The_Duke.
  6. And you had what experience to make that comparison by? Did they make you sit through spelling lessons or something?
  7. Who cares about the fact Biffas - unless of course - but no.

    Get fit; 4 Para have some good guys and they can afford to be choosy.
  8. Lets hope your fitness is better than your spelling
  9. Don't worry, if you can spell the Paras won't want you anyway.
  10. No. Use this link
    4 PARA Official Page

    I'm sure The_Duke wants bone questions off every potential recruit.

    He can get all info required off that link and further OFFICIAL contact points in Bn Recruitment.
  11. Broadbrush generalisation.
    Much like hats are fit/good soldiers.
  12. LOL who cares about spelling... i dont.
  13. The majority of the intelligent world see the standard of spelling as indicative of someone's bonce power and attention to detail.

    Edit: Missed apostrophe ;). Delicious.
  14. snigger
  15. It is right up there with the correct use of the apostrophe, and Schadenfreude.