Need of a bit of advice lads. I applied last summer for the Para's (Reg) and got differed due to my medical. I had very mild asthma a couple of years ago which was down to hayfever (which the doctor failed to mention) but they obviously took one look and binned my application.

Is it worth me going for the Para reserves? I got my 1.5 mile run down to 8 mins so I know I'm fit enough.

Any thoughts?

don't go seeing the TA as a second-best refuge for biffs.

all TA medical and selection is done in line with the Regulars now, so if the Regs binned your app, the TA will do too.


You could give it a shot, but as therealbigdizzle says - Don't expect to be treated any differently.

Maybe it might be worth your time to go and see your doctor and see if he/she would suggest if you have any grounds for appeal. If the doctor believes you are fit and healthy, you might stand a better chance getting into the Army (In whatever capacity, Reg or TA) if you are armed with a doctors backing.

I'm no expert in the appealing process, but as I say there's no harm in giving it a shot.

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