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4 Para videos

Beat me too it Goose, was shown that mortar-ambush footage a few weeks ago, complete with yanks screaming 'lets get outta here man!' Humvee kind of gives it away too!
That footage is quite old, certainly well before Telic 7, most if not all of the weapon noise is outgoing as well - short bursts from an AK as the PSD (civvy CP team) return fire.

Most of the shouting was probably the Yank clients, the boys would have wanted to get stuck into any likely 'characters' hanging about.
Oh dear.....the para's have gone the American way.
The transition is far too fast, it looked like there were some good pics in there, and the thrash american metal soundtrack was poo.
They could have used some British stuff (The Clash, Prodigy)
Only my opinion obviously............
Has anyone sorted these two tossers out yet, they are very gobby with their comments on both videos slagging off 4 Para, TA etc etc.



Both insistent they are serving, someone must know if this is the case.

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