""4 Para v 299 Para"

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by mcguire123, Apr 23, 2010.

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  1. Hello all, i am currently RAF reg Reserve, id like to find out more about joining either 4 para or 299 para.
    I had preferred the thought of 299 para, but have heard they have to wait quite sometime to do jumps course and are down the list of priorities, Im told 4 para get there jumps in a lot quicker.
    Also im 44 and am being given lots of different messages about upper age limit.........just wondered if someone could clarify.
    I had heard 4 para upper age limit was 44 with previous experrience.
    I have only ever been reservist..........does this count?
    Any info would be appreciated
  2. 299 Para are Engineers so your not just training as a para you have to train as an Engineer, Both very different roles.
  3. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    49 is the way to go.
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  4. The _Duke is the man to ask, though he has a certain, understandable, bias towards 4 Para.
  5. 44 years old, too olddddddddddddd, take up gardening
  6. Yeah thanks mate, i understand that, sorry my post did not demonstrate it.
    Maybe thats why there is a gap between p company and jumps course, for trade training?
    Anyway cheers for reply.
  7. your a sad man
    its a shame
    can you remember when?
  8. Ha.... soz we haven't formed up properly yet. Already we are facing stiff competition for recruits from RMR down the corridor and a Sssssshh unit in the other end of the TAC...

    If that ain't good enough then please do join 299 Para REng or 4 Para in the suburbs in Leeds (Wakefield or Pudsey)...

    But rest assured, we've partly done the BOWMAN conversion and we will get the airborne kit very.... Not bad for an artic warfare para Sigs unit???? Start the light sigs role in July/August with a H4H event cycle event to RTMC.

    Not sure when we can fit in the underwater knife fighting commando stuff but we we try....

    p.s. I have lied a little but probably not as much as you think.....

    p.p.s. We are talking about the real 849 Para Commando Sigs?????
  9. I think it was a Tuesday.
  10. To be honest bud no matter where you go, whether it be 4 Para, 299, 144 Meds. etc and should you pass P.Coy then regardless of cap badge you WILL be waiting a while for your jumps course, I've been waiting since December for mine and just had one next month canned.
  11. Waiting since december aint too bad. Its only april. I waited november to august in the end
  12. Sorry mate, fact is you'd struggle with mere hat infantry, much less the Parachutists.
  13. 299 are a good bunch. RE first then Para though. If you just want to go jumping from perfectly serviceable aircraft you would be better off at 4 Para.
  14. To be honest prior to any Engineer training given lads have to complete a Pre P. Company beat up, then prior to them completing P Company they will be given training to take them up to B3 level of engineering. Only after they have passed P Company will they be given further engineer training.