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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by terryland1831, Jan 25, 2009.

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  2. I've just started the 4 para recruit cadre, we were told yesterday that only the weekends are mandatory, however, you will miss out on mega phys sessions and will fall behind those that attend. The cadre is now 11 weekends.
  3. Drill nights are not mandatory, but as the previous poster has said, you will miss out on vital phys, and lessons too, so making a habit of it will lead you to fall behind. In addition to this, keeness and the correct attitude is noticed by the staff as well, so missing training nights won't reflect well on you. Also you'll have less time to bond with your fellow recruits.

    Make your best effort to attend as many drill nights as you can, it's in your best interests.
  4. First weekend was kit issue and lectures, circuits on the saturday, then fitness test on the Sunday. Make sure when you rock up to start training you can do 60 push ups, 60 sit ups and 1.5 mile in a time starting with a 9 and you will have a good chance of passing the course.
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    Says the voice of experience after weekend 1 :roll: The fitness standards you mentioned are the start state. Most of the cadre will be there or there abouts, but still only around 10% will pass the course.

    Tuesday nights are key to success. They provide a very useful measure of your developing fitness, and additional skills training to top up any shortfalls. Wherever possible, make whatever changes you can to make sure you can attend.

    Weekends are a must. People do occasionally miss a weekend, but they quite often also miss the big prize at the end!