4 para training partner

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by nipper, Oct 11, 2006.

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  1. Does any one fancy a training partner in manchester, im in training for 4para but would like some one to train with on the tabs.

    if anyone is interested let me know


  2. sounds good nipper. pm me.
  3. Phew. A lot quicker than "When Harry Met Sally".
  4. Mat were you in Ripon camp this weekend just gone I think we might have shared a beer or two
  5. no wasnt me mate
  6. There was a 4 Para insight weekend at Ripon Barracks last week
  7. oh right, no not been on one of te insight courses yet, were you on it?

    are you going to go for 4para?
  8. Nipper

    I would advise against TABBING in your own time mate. Its the most common cause of injury to Recruits in 4 Para.

    Just get out and run, run, run!! The RRTT have Recruits TABBING every Sunday at the end of a training weekend and its progressive. Also when you deploy into the field your constantly on the move in full kit, so your body soon becomes accustomed to it.

    Contact your local TAC and the PSI should be able to send you a training program. Alternatively get in on a drill night and speak to the PTI.
  9. yes PM me for contact details about 12 coy