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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mundane Amazement, Jan 24, 2012.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    Could I ask for some infomation regarding 4-Para TA. I've read online that joining 4-para is quite hard as apose to joining any other regiment - is this because of P-company? or do they mean as a whole it's harder?

    What duties does a TA member do on a daily / weekly / monthly basis?

  2. In all fairness all your questions can be answered in the recruiting office. You may find them on here but amongst alot of peoples "im in the know" shit :)
  3. The_Duke

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    I blame myself for not bothering to do something on arssepaedia and thus consigning myself to a life of repetition, but here goes:

    1. The level of fitness required for joining 4 Para is far higher than the level mandated for other TA Inf units. Note: this does not mean that those units do not have high standards or fit blokes within them, just that the fitness standard applied across the board is not as strict.

    2. 4 Para conduct their own recruit training programme as the fitness content of the weekends at the various RTCs is so low as to be laughable. You will be required to TAB (battle march) further and faster by weekend 4 of the recruit cadre than others will be expected to reach by the end of their 9 weekends at an RTC.

    3. The 2 week TA Combat Infantry Course (CIC) for 4 Para is run by the P Coy staff at Catterick. They are renowned for being slackers who don't like phys!

    These high standards are carried on once in Battalion, and are maintained by the regular staff posted there for that purpose.

    Duties? Training evenings (Tuesday night) will usually include a combination of fitness, military skills and admin. One or two weekend exercises per months of ranges, tactics, mil skills etc. Annual camps (one per year, 2 weeks duration) are for longer exercises, parachuting, more advanced range work and lashing it up in foreign climes on the odd occasion.
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  4. Thank you for your reply, The Duke - Very informative

    Ahh, Catterick. Does it matter if my brother is a Warrant Officer at Catterick? (I think he's still there - don't get to speak to him lately.) or will I be sent somewhere else?
  5. msr

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    No longer: 4PARA FAQ - ARRSEpedia
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  7. The_Duke

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    No, you will still do CIC and P Coy with the rest, but your brother may pop along to laugh at your milling or piss in the steeplechase before you go round.
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  8. Only if he's Para Regt can he "pop along" and laugh at him in the milling ;-)
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    But the steeple chase is still open for him to piss in? Great ;-)
  10. Is the pass mark still 8:30 for the mile and a half
    9 minute miles for the 10 miler or is it 10 - 12 minutes instead ?
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    Mundane Amazement

    The link is for a BBC short film following Johnny Nelson (Pro Boxer) going through a 4 Para P Coy. It will give you a pretty reasonable idea of what to expect if you get that far.

  12. Are you in that film my Grace?
  13. The_Duke

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    No - about 17 years after I enjoyed P Coy!
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  14. more the DS side ;)
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    Not me, I didn't wear enough hair "product" to compete with the two pretty boys!