4 Para StHelens, Merseyside

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bigsouth1981, Nov 20, 2005.

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  1. Had it confirmed at the weekend that 4 Para are opening a company up in Sthelens, Merseyside, which is Ideal for me.
    Can anybody give me a heads up on what the TA Pcoy is like (I know its very similar the the regular course), preferably some one who has done it fairly recently, not 50 years ago if you know what I mean

    Any comments greatly appreciated,

  2. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    How big is IV Para now??? X Para in London is now IV Para, Liverpool, Leeds, etc. Scotland even????

    Is this some cunning plan to disguise the size of the UK's Airborne capabilty 'a la' GRU Spetznaz????
  3. I will get all the info you could possibly want to know about 4 PARA tomorrow and post here.

    Wait out.
  4. No way, it wasn't that long ago that the powers that be closed Grace Road, Liverpool (home of 4 Para). They lost loads of lads when they had to travel hours just to parade. Now they're moving it to St Helens? Brewery & Piss up spring to mind!
  5. Oh aye, rumour mill is that 13 Coy is reopening that way, so 4 Para can conform to the generic 4 Coy structure for a TA Reinforcement Bn.
  6. Cheers Darth, would apprieciate it.
  7. Dunnit May, but all arms. 4 Para have the CIC preceding test week, so you should find one of them to quiz with regard the whole lot. PM me if you want info on what I did.
  8. YES! The rumours are true! 4 PARA are returning to the North West after a 5 year absence. A new Detachment of 12 Company will open in January at Jubilee Barracks St. Helens.
    Anyone interested in joining / transferring / re-enlisting should phone 0845 4330422 or fill in and return the enquiry form on the Battalion web page: www.4para.com
    The next recruit cadre starts in February so you will have to act fast to sort out your documentation. Vacancies for supporting arms as well.
    The barracks are within easy reach of the town centre, so travel from Manchester, Liverpool and the North West should be within reasonable travelling distance.
  9. so the coy will be in 42 (NW) or not?
  10. Cheers John - beat me to it by micro seconds - this news was to be my first piece of 'work' this morning. Good work fella. :D
  11. Yup, which means that the platoon sized location will register in the 42 Bde orbat and be required to provide Bn level support to all their wierd and wonderful "events" and that the CO's attendance will be "welcomed" at all the Bde and RFCA confs. Anyone fancy the Pl Comd's job? (N.B. Rank range might be 2Lt to Capt)
  12. For admin control yes, I think 4 PARA comes under 15 Bde

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  14. Does this mean that up and coming recruit cadres can or will be run from St helens as well?
  15. Short answer: Yes
    Long Answer: A minibus is involved in some chapters of the story. Drill nights will be in St Helens.