4 Para - Some help please

I know this question has been asked before but it never really seems to get a straight answer.
I'm a 33 year old ex-sapper and have been a civvi for nearly 8 years, but are starting (fingers crossed) the cadre in Feb 2006, what are sensible levels of fitness required to pass both the cadre and P Coy? ie BFT times i have been training now for 12 months.
And just how much bulls*it is there compared to, say a regular army recruitment cadre, drill, beastings etc

Any help or advice would be great

Next to no bullshit in 4 PARA, especially on the recruit cadre, there just isn't the time for it.

Be very aware though that if you f*ck things up they will p1ss all over you. 8O
Ta, sounds like something my bird would enjoy, being pis*ed on that is... anyway thats for another time

So what is a typical tuesday drill night, weekend like, what do you do?
Not up on your current affairs then?

Weekends vary, but there is an emphasis on live firing as and when we can get all the assets together. The idea is that at the end of the training year 100% of the soldiers will be fit for deployment and getting bounty. A lot of the training involves trips abroad and exercises with foreign troops for which we are always short of bodies as they tend to be three or four day weekends. Confirmed locations for 2006 will be Slovakia, Albania, Ukraine, Holland, S. Africa, Germany, France, Czech Republic, and Slovakia again. Not forgetting a trip to Afghanistan if you want.
Apoligies for my lack knowledge, i assume by the nature of your thread that you are involved with 4 Para. I have tried to get as much info as possible but as you are no doubt aware nothing is given that easily, thats why i thought this would be a good source of information
simply trying to be as prepared as possible before the beat up weekend in jan and the the cadre in Feb

Thanks again
Sapper I am a former Recruit with 4Para - I completed the course a few years ago, including the Combat Infantry Course (CIC) however got quite badly injured on P Company. I am hoping to re-join in January too so might see you there.

If your looking for general information on what to expect from a Recruits point of view, PM me and I will give you a heads up. The course is hard as a big bag of hard things (wouldnt be much poing doing it if it wasnt hard) but it is achievable - just as much about the mental game as it is physical though. At the end of the day it all comes down to how much you want it!!

I was a recruit on the course before, but was not at the correct level of fitness, so now am hoping to be on the next one in January. Weekend 1 is just bullshit, drill, weapons etc. There may or may not be physical fitness, just depends on how quickly they get the medicals done. 2 could be kit issue up in Leeds or they may do it on Weekend 1, just depends really. 3 is a range weekend, and 4 is fieldcraft. 5,6,7 is a mixture of everything, and 8 is a test weekend to see if you can go to Catterick for CIC and P Coy.
Every weekend there is a tab. First a 4 miler, and then it's progressive from there on. There's the usual beastings associated with para reg, but it's all part of the fun. The instructors are pretty cool - they don't make an issue of things unless you've really fucked up. Timings are not really an issue but they expect you to improve if you're not getting them at the start. By weekend 8 they'll expect you to have them; they're sending you to the regular Paras at Catterick so u have to be tip-top obviously. I didn't get to CIC but from all accounts it's very tough, and then P Coy straight after it. U need to hear from someone who's finished the course and can give you a better heads-up than me. But hopefully I've shed a bit of light on it.
Next to no bullshit in 4 PARA
Yeah, cheers for that one, tell that to the blokes that just cleaned a land rover with 20 bottles of drinking water beacue the washpoint was closed for wasting water... Then oiled up the entire surface area (inside and outside) with the armourers only gun oil....Next to no bullshit.
I did my recruit training in 4 Para in 1974 at Aldershot which is the spiritual home (if not the current home ) of the Regiment. The selection process is a tried and tested formula, and has changed very little since WW2. You don't need to be superhuman just a bit fitter than the average Regular Infantry Bod. Do all your running prior to your selection in boots (The Para Reg never won any great victories wearing trainers). You must have a good head for heights or you will fail, and probably spend the rest of your TA career in some craphat mob, bragging about how you used to be a Para.
You don't need to have a complete diregard for your own safety, but you will have to do some things that look downright dangerous or maybe even impossible.
And then there's the Bullshit. Well it wouldn't be the Army without Bullshit would it? Just remember it's not personal.

Good Luck :)


Sapper - Boxingmad is fairly close to it. I would suggest that unless you have done a lot of running in boots you ignore that part of CMDs advice. After the congenital weakness of the spine which fails most of the recruits (bungee snaps!), knee and ankle injuries cause the highest wastage rate.

No need to reinvent anything, just lots of hard cardio vas work, and a bit of upper body. BPFA comfortably under 9.30 is a must, plus good recovery rate to allow for back to back events.

PM if you want any more details.

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