4 PARA Recruitment


Afternoon all,

To keep updated about recruiting:

D Coy -
Rugby is open tonight (22nd) from 1930hrs
Nottingham is tomorrow (23rd) from 1930hrs
Newport next Weds (30th). Expecting to move online due to South Wales going into lockdown again.

A Coy -
Edinburgh - 29th 1930hrs

If you want to attend any please get in touch

I am currently serving in the AR (RSignals) and I am currently training so I can transfer over to 4 PARA. I am wondering what the training schedule is for recruits who have already passed Phase 1 elsewhere in the AR. Having read that 4 PARA runs their own Phase 1 training, upon transferring, would I have to redo any of Phase 1 or would I go straight in to the CIC? I have absolutely no problem redoing any training, I am just curious.

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The Phase 1 Alpha/Bravo is standardised across the AR, so practically it should be just CIC, but I would need to confirm.
Can you private message me your details and where you would intend on parading and I'll point you in the right direction.


Also as a heads up, with the new direction from the people in charge, we're now moving all insight nights on to a Virtual/Digital Format.
Positive being if you are interested in joining 4 PARA but can't get to your nearest location then feel free to attend - drop me a message and I'll give you tonight's/next weds login details.
Good afternoon,

First post so please be gentle...

I've recently decided to Join the Army reserve, more specifically 4 PARA at Nottingham. A friend of mine already serves there and has given me some info and a bit of a kick *********** to actually crack on and go for it. At 33 I realise I'm getting up there in age terms a bit, but all I can do is crack on and give 100% effort. I was briefly in the Reserves some 13 years ago, but due to immaturity I didn't give it the commitment or respect it deserved and wasted a good opportunity.

I've gotten the ball rolling on the army website, filled in all my details, (tattoos, medical questionnaire etc) and had a phone conversation with someone from the recruiting centre. When I mentioned my previous TA experience they said they'd pass it on and I'd hear something soon. I'm at a bit of a loss as what to do next, or what I should be doing. What will the next steps be, as I know CV19 has affected a lot of recruiting etc. Medical? Fitness tests?

Obviously I'm out training, running, jogging, walking etc most nights and fitness levels are getting where I want them to be.

Should I have, or should I be contacting 4 PARA at Notts?

One last question, what are the swimming requirements...I can't see anything mentioned anywhere but my swimming style at the moment is one step up from drowning.

I appreciate any help/information.



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Does anyone know anything about the initial training bonus and completion of training bonus 4 PARA are offering? I’ve asked on www.Paras.uk also.
There isn’t one; it stopped with effect of 1 Apr 2020 unless you were already in the scheme.
Is phase 1 training for 4 Para the same as phase 1 training for reserve infantry? Is it hard to transfer from infantry to 4 Para from a reserve infantry unit?

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