4 PARA Recruitment

Hello Everyone. I'm 36, already in the Reserves and looking at transferring to C Coy at either St Helens or Altcar as I live in Preston, I'm looking at transferring as a Medic though as I'm an EMT for NWAS in my day job. My question is,
1. I'm guessing 4 Para do have CMTs attached? And
2. For the fitness side of it for your bounty, do they have to pass the medics AFT, PFA, and the new test or do they need to pass at Para standard as they'll be Tabbing and humping kit at their pace in the field anyway?
I'm getting my fitness up there before I put my transfer in so I don't look like a Sack of.... When I get there.

Hope this makes sense




1. Yes
2. Appropriate to RAMC, unless you decide to go for P Coy in which case you should expect to maintain Inf standards.

There is plenty of real time med cover required, so not every medic needs to be a steely eyed dealer of ibuprofen.

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