4 PARA Recruitment

Give D Coy SUSO a call on 01788 544177. Medical advice is not given out on as it would need to be reviewed by a suitably qualified professional.

Your run time is acceptable, but the general advice is to get comfortably below 9:30 to pass the course first time.

47 years old ex REME WO1 Para interested in vacancies with C Coy in St Helens any thing going?
Please call 01904 664566 to discuss. There may be vacancies in HQ Coy/SP roles etc.
Nice one thanks still keeping fit did Tough Mudder last year but section battle drills, leave to the young uns. Happy to hump mortars or SF gun kit so I’ll give them a bell.
The only thing you should be humping at 47 is the missus.
Join as a Tom and you'll still be doing section battle drills.... I'm 52, and still doing them. :)
I could just imagine me doing them now: 'Hang on... I'm coming... ow me fooking knees... just let me find me glasses. Ow... me fooking back etc.'
What books should I be reading up on about the PARAs. Wanna make sure I all up to date.
Traditions, history, ETC
Just Watch 'A Bridge Too Far' and the series currently on ITV.

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