4 Para Parade Nights

Is it ok for people hoping to join 4 Para to turn up uninvited at parade nights or do you need to clear it beforehand?

I can't find a contact number for C Coy (St Helens) or get an answer/reply from the recruitment team.

I need to make contact somehow and this seems the best option but obviously don't want to make the journey to be turned away at the gate.

Thanks for any advice.
It's usual for those interested in joining a unit are allowed to attend a drill night.



Sorry for not replying to your PM earlier, but I have been a bit tied up with other stuff. As a general principle, yes. I will check with the location and pm you an answer ASAP.

My brother is a PSI (York) and apparently they welcome walk-ins with open arms, can't see you being turned away if you explain why you're there!
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