4 PARA - Parachute Regiment Reserves

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Skortz, Mar 12, 2006.

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  1. I have heard that the establishment of 4 PARA will soon increase and that they are opening a new training center in St Helens. I have also been informed that x-regulars can join 4 PARA in the same rank that they were in when they left the Regular Army. Can anyone confirm this? 4 PARA also seem to be marketing themselves as the Parachute Regiment Reserves, rather than part of the TA. This seems to be a good idea and is well overdue. The sooner that green and yellow TA badge gets binned the better. We are all part of one army, not two seperate organisations.
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  3. One army? Where have you been hiding? (pension, x-factor, equipment, funding, etc) The TA should not be used as the Regular Army reserve in 'peacetime': there exists an Army Reserve and it should be utilised to its full extent. Perhaps it is because this is politically a hot potato that it isn't done. Yes, the TA has proved amazingly capable and willing to volunteer entire units for operational tours (4 Para have a Coy in Iraq as I speak), but despite what the MoD wnakers say, this is not the purpose of the TA.

    The TA is being utlised in its current fashion of relieving pressure on the Regular Army because arrseholes like John Major and the traitor B.Liar and Brown have abrogated their prime responsibility: maintenance of the defence of the Realm. It matters not that a lot of TA lads are happy to deploy, with a resultant increase in the experience of the TA - this good for the TA, but the TA should not routinely do this.
  4. Grace Road (Old 4 Para Liverpool) was a thriving unit, but in good old government styley, they binned it. Now they want to re-establish the Merseyside Coy, how long will that take to get up & running? Typical, cut back, then spend even more wonger trying to fix their mistakes.
  5. Apparently St Helens will be up and running fairly shortly. A platoon detachment initially, however I am confident that it will develop into a Coy location soon. The boys from Liverepool and Manchester are just the sort of individual who are capable of passing p-coy and becoming a member of 4 PARA.