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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by flapjack, May 18, 2010.

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  1. Hey all,

    First post here, looking forward to the advice I get and information.

    I was wondering if it is possible to join 4 PARA whilst living in Northern Ireland. I know the nearest unit is in Scotland, but is it possible under any cirucmstances to train with them.

  2. Assuming that this is not a wah have a look at www.4para.co.uk and then call 08454330433.
  3. No, not a wah.

    Have set the ball rolling on joining the TA Royal Irish unit here(very early stage), but and increasingly interested in the 4 Para idea- pity theres not a unit in the province that's all.
  4. Not sure, probably easier to phone them.

    4 Para in Leeds maybe closer, time wise.. it's only a few miles from the airport
  5. And Belfast to Leeds/Bradford is about a fiver on ryanair if you book early.
  6. It has been done before.

    Give Bn HQ a call on 01904 664566 and ask them about it.
  7. I know of one bloke who is a medic with 4 para (although still para capbadge) and seving in NI. Does his camp and key weekends with 4 para, but does Trg Nights and some weekends with 204 Fd Hosp RAMC*.

    (*When I say 204 it might be 253 or 152 RLC.)
  8. Hey, who needs detail when you are in the RA!
  9. I enquired about 4 Para from N.Ireland and they told me it was not possible due to the financial cost. Or that if I wanted to do it that I would have to pay for the travel myself. Also about how impractical it was to attend all their compulsary recruit training weekends. If you want it enough it probably can be done but you would end up minus money and a lot of spare time.

  10. Well, that's the philosophy we apply to Grid Refs when calling in a Fire Mission!
  11. Yep.
  12. You didnt expect them to pay for your travel did you?
  13. You didnt expect them to pay for your travel did you?
  14. 253 and he now wears a navy beret