4 PARA maximum age??

To further add details to The Duke's comment- the Army Reserve recruits up to the age of 50.

4 PARA do not.

We take recruits up to 40 with individual assessments for people above this. (I.e. Previous P Coy pass etc etc)

Real world - candidates above 30 have a significantly reduced chance of passing P Coy first time. It is not impossible however due to work/family constraints that a 19 year old student doesn't have combined with the longer recovery times the more mature candidate has, puts them at a disadvantage.

Don't be put off at all by the above, just realise that P Coy is an arduous course.

The author passed at 30 and found each individual event as a recruit ok, but having all in 4 days was hard work getting the old legs out of bed each morning compared to the 21 year olds he was sharing a room with!

The 38 year old in the room received a stand up fail on the beret parade...


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Don't be put off at all, I'm 34 and have just passed selection so you won't be the oldest. At 34 i'm mentally stronger than i was in my 20's and at the selection course i ran 9.09. I work full time and am also married with three kids and a baby due on the 20th September. I'm under no illusions that on paper i would be a candidate who would be an "at risk" candidate but what that paper can't tell you is how strong you are mentally and how determined someone is to pass.

I'm glad you've posted this.

I am 33 and I'm hoping to get onto Decembers cadre where I'll also be 34 at the time of test week. I was concerned about being the oldest recruit. I'm looking forward to getting on board

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