4 PARA maximum age??

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by netcom, Nov 9, 2011.

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  1. HI Chaps
    can someone help with the following please.

    I put in to join 4 para (TA), went to the insight evening, got the application form, filled it in and got all the required paperwork together, went to drop my application off and was told I was TOO OLD!!! I thought this may have been a problem so I made a point of checking the age limit out before proceeding too far.

    the main army site says I'm not too old but was told I am. what is the maximum age for 4 Para??? I'm 37

    Role Finder - British Army Website
  2. Previous military experience?
  3. other than the CF (25yrs ago), NO.
  4. Well theres your answer unfortunatly I think 4 PARA cut off is around 34 off the top of my head.

    I'm sure thats only their policy.

    Other units I think its around the 40 mark (with military experience) but I could be wrong.
  5. I thought all TA was 43 cut off?

    Ask The Duke about 4 Para.
  6. ####Here you go.....

    Joining 4 PARA

    Written by Sgt Dave Walker

    To join 4 PARA (Reserves), you need to be aged between 18-34 (increased to 44yrs if you have had previous relevant experience) and be a UK resident. The minimum commitment is 9 weekends, 2 weeks Annual camp and a few weekday evenings. There are excellent rates of pay, which is non taxable if you are a student, and an annual 'tax free' bounty (subject to qualification) of up to £1,500.
  7. why £1500, bounty for TA is £1672. I trust this is a copy and paste.
  8. Yes its a copy & paste!

    So could be slightly out of date!
  9. thought it slightly unfare, teeth arm getting less than the rest.
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    That part of the website has obviously not been updated fo a while - the gist of it is still correct, but the bounty part is out of date. The whole website is being moved to the main MOD system shortly, so I will flag it up for updating when they re-do the site.

    For the OP, 37 with no previous relevant military experience is too old I'm afraid.
  11. What counts as relevent, out of interest?
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    P coy pass.

    As much as many would like to deny it, the harsh reality is that P Coy is a young man's game. The intensity of physical training during the build up requires a lack of injury and very rapid recovery if you are to do well at it, and this is even more telling during the 4 Para TA CIC run by the P Coy staff, culminating in TA AAPPS.

    Yes, there are a limited number of older applicants who could manage it, but we cannot afford to run massive recruit intakes to allow everyone to have a shot at it, knowing full well that the vast majority will fall by the wayside.

    Younger applicants with sub 9.30 risk reduction runs is where we tend to have success, and therefore where we target our recruit training efforts. We would still be lucky to get 4 or 5 first time passes at most out of 30 starting a recruit intake per Coy location.
  13. Erm.............Having served in the forces for at least 3 years..................

    What did you think..............4 hours on your ******* playstation, or an afternoon paintballing?

    Jesus ******* Christ.....there are some thick ***** on here!
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Nope not previous service but previous relevant service such as a p Coy pass, assumes this means no need for P coy so straight into refresher training!
  15. There was a lad out of my year at school that was a parachute trained TA medic. I'd joined Royal Anglian.

    We were both early 20s and I used to bump into him quite frequently while out running round the village at night. I could pass a BFT pretty easily but he could really fly it.

    He was a great bloke and I know he sacrificed a damned sight more than I did to maintain the fitness required. If you pick Para you've got to be fit. At 37 I reckon you are past it.