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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Green_Wellies, Dec 13, 2009.

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  1. Out of interest, does anyone know what the story is with allocation of recruits to 4 Para units? I'm thinking of looking at a transfer but live in the Midlands, Scotland, Newcastle, London and Leeds are all a bit of a haul but are the only 4 para locations.
    I'd make the effort (tho driving to Scotland once a week probably not going to happen!) but wondered if anyone knows how they decide where you should go? Equally, would I be considered given I dont live near to one of their locations?
  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You decide where you want to parade. Some from the midlands area parade in London, others may chose Pudsey or St Helens. It depends on whether it is easier by road/rail etc. You would be considered, and the budget is there to pay for your travel.

    You do need to consider the implications of being at the TAC by 1930 or 2000 hrs on Tuesdays and weekends. If you have not already passed P Coy you will need to attend most recruit training events to do the phys build up. If you have not passed CIC, you will need to do that as well. The travel takes a lot of commitment, and there is no point transferring if you do not see yourself commuting that distance for several years.
  3. Edited cos the duke knows more than me :D
  4. Birmingham to St Helens is about two hours, which means M6 at rush hour through Staffordshire and Cheshire where the laws of murphy are always at work so expect to be stuck in traffic jams (meaning some nights you won't get there!).

    Why don't you try for 23 SAS? they are on your doorstep.

    I did the travel thing by rail (lived at the time 30 miles north of London and went to a South London unit) ok when Thameslink was running but awrful when it stopped, don't expect TEA if you rock in late. Weekends were also a pain as the trains didn't stop at that particular station on a sunday!.
  5. aint there a det in nottingham? there was once not sure if their still there
  6. You're thinking of an Airborne RAMC Sqn in Beeston, as far as I know they are still there.
  7. Good name for a unit address - beasting?
  8. There was a 4 PARA unit on Triumph Road. As far as I know it ceased to parade there in about 1999/2000. 144 Para Med Sqn still use the same building though.
  9. 4 para used to have a det at Triumph Road, Lento , Nottingham upto 2003

    Now 144 Parachute Medical Sqn is based there.
  10. 4 para used to have a det at Triumph Road, Lento , Nottingham upto 2003

    Now 144 Parachute Medical Sqn is based there.