4 Para...If I had a pound.....


……for every time I answered a question on Arrse about joining 4 Para, TA P Coy or Para courses I would have donated it all to this link:


Naomi Whittaker is running the London Marathon this year. Naomi is a keen runner, but this is her first marathon.

Naomi is running to raise money for Airborne forces charities under the banner of “Run for Joe”, in memory of her only son, Joe Whittaker. These charities support injured soldiers, their families, and the families of those who did not return.

Joe started his TA career in 67 Sig Sqn in Warwick before transferring to 4 Para in 2007. He deployed as an IR to 2 Para on Op Herrick 8 and was killed on the 24th June 2008 whilst conducting an Op BARMA clearance patrol.

Despite this devastating loss, Naomi is still incredibly proud of the armed forces – in fact, she is currently supporting her only daughters application to the regular army.

I believe that giving to charity is a very personal thing, and not something that should be pushed down anyone’s throats or become a guilt issue. That said; whilst elephants, rhinos and polar bears all need saving, perhaps when the sponsor forms start circulating at work or in the pub it might be good to say “sorry, I have already sponsored my runner – Naomi Whittaker”.

If you are giving to Holidays4Heroes, RBL, BLESMA, SSAFA or any of the other very worthwhile service charities then a genuine well done.

If not, and you are serving or ex 67 Sigs or 4, 10 or 15 Para – or have asked me any number of questions about joining 4 Para since I joined Arrse – I would be grateful if you would consider sponsoring Naomi. She is an unbelievably brave woman, and I think she deserves our support.




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Didn't know Joe, but knew a lot of people who did as he was in the same Sig Bde as me....

All I've ever heard are genuine touching accounts of how good a man he was and how he will alway be missed.

Put me down for a few pounds! Good luck Naomi!

Didn't get into London this year, but I'll keep a look out as I'll be at the 13 mile water stop as part of the running club I belong to.



Thanks for sharing this info. It’s for a good cause and beats any save the world charity!
Guess The Duke should be ready for some more questions now lol
Don't know if regiment's aware of this yet, as I wasn't in Tuesday. Will spread the word and chuck some money in on payday.
There are a number of us already collecting sponsor money for Naomi from 67 so hopefully we'll have quite a significant donation to give to her. Thanks for posting on here about it Duke.



Will spread the word here, see if we can get a collection going at our place as well
message spreading in Wales as well . Will put a shout out in the bar on Tuesday
So does this mean that, if anyone asks about 4PARA or TA P Coy they have to donate a pound?

One thing I've always wondered about 4PARA is, do they let fat knackers jump? Dohh!!


Naomi ran a very credible sub 4hrs 30 yesterday, and looks set to raise over 10k for the Airborne Forces Charities in memory of her son, Joe.

Many thanks to all who sponsored her, and the website is still open for those who meant to but never got round to it!

Thanks again,

The Duke
Got a really nice email from Naomi prior to the weekend...

I was manning the halfway point drinks stn, but missed her...

Sub 4.30 is not bad in the heat and most of our club runners found it hard going!


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