4 para hit the news for the wrong reasons

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by polar69, Aug 1, 2005.

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  1. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2005/07/31/npara31.xml&sSheet=/news/2005/07/31/ixhome.html

    Paratroopers on tour in America face trial for rape
    By Philip Sherwell in Washington
    (Filed: 31/07/2005)

    Two British paratroopers have been charged with raping a young American woman in the garden of her home in Wyoming where their Territorial Army battalion is taking part in a training exercise.

    The soldiers, identified in legal papers as Scott Aitken and Andrew Leighton, were charged with first-degree sexual assault when they appeared in court in the small farming town of Wheatland in Platte County on Thursday. The offence carries a sentence of between five and 50 years in prison.

    The men were released on bail into the custody of British and American military authorities and have been confined to base at Camp Guernsey, the Wyoming Army National Guard training facility, 75 miles north of the state capital Cheyenne.

    The alleged victim, a 24-year-old local woman, gave a graphic account of her version of events in an interview with the local newspaper, the Casper Star-Tribune. Contempt laws are much looser in America and allow media to run such coverage.

    The woman, whose identity has not been released, said that she was out on Tuesday night in a bar in Guernsey with friends when the two soldiers asked to talk to her outside. She had met them the previous Friday and thought they were "respectful, very nice guys".

    The two walked her to her nearby garden where, the woman claimed, one of the men suggested a "threesome". She said: "When I said, 'No way', that's when it all started."

    She says that she is concerned that the men are still being held at nearby Camp Guernsey. Eric Alden, the Platte County Attorney, said: "She has every reason to be concerned and upset if what she said is true."

    The accused are serving with 4 Para. The Territorial Army's only parachute regiment battalion is being hosted by the Nebraska National Guard Airborne Battalion at Camp Guernsey.
  2. Didn't something similar happen to the Canadian Parachute Regiment, which then got disbanded
  3. Nope, they got into trouble for 'roasting' some locals in Africa......'roasting' as in the version involving fire and the smell of barbeque.
  4. So, they will be looking forward to having their hoops stretched by Bubba and his lifer chums. "stop squealing airbourne biatch"
  5. No they'll be fine in Wyoming. Join the Aryan Brotherhood, have SS runes tattooed on their necks and spiders webs on their elbows. Or sign in to Protective Custody and find God.
  6. Adding to what B_AB said they also had a phase of playing catch the baby with bayonets (and then burning them over an open fire).
  7. The Canadian issue was not helped by their 'liberating' of a mental asylum in Bosnia...
  8. Interesting that she "thought they were 'respectful, very nice guys'", 4 para's nickname is 'the Toffs' is it?.
  9. Wow never heard that !!!!! Any links????

  10. Kin 'ell, suddenly freckle and tractor pulls seem very tame! 8O
  11. please print the 'graphic account', could be better than a readers letter in Escort Magazine.
  12. Somalia Affair

  13. Just a quick word of caution . Some of you here, know the individuals involved , or were even on the same deployment.

    Keep any details you know to yourselves, do not post them in this thread. If this case proceeds further, I will lock and delete without further notice.


  14. Where I come from that's called a Sheffield Roast Pork Sandwich...with crackling!