4 PARA-are they really a 'Para'?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by fishfinger, Jul 24, 2010.

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  1. whats the position regards 4 para and being a 'para'

    as a marine your 'a marine' reserve or not. The TA seems to be less well regarded from the regs. How does this work regards pcoy

    can you call yourself a 'para' without resentment from the regulars after youve done a tour?

    as a charming reg mate of mine says 'theyre not f%$king paras theyre a ticktocks. F^$king TA' - repeat ad nausem. Its a shabby thing to risk a life and give service and have it not appreciated by those alongside you i feel. hence quesiton asked.
  2. Without even responding to the ridiculous questions posed, why the fuck is this is News and Current Affairs?
  3. Drunken ramblings..............................
  4. Its a valid query and a valid point, If its not relevant to you personally that does not make it irrelevant. Justify the 'ridiculous' comment
    your emotive response is exactly why I asked the question.

    I resent an active reserve that is exposed to equal danger looked down on; thus clarify your position on that, and not cast aspersions on what is and is not 'ridiculous'
    Its in current affairs as i havent woked out how to move it to int cell.

    guess that means you cant get a red lid in the TA and swan about calling regular infantry craphats........... :D
  5. You're trying to infer that 4 PARA are looked down on by the Regulars because they haven't got a reputation for being rent boys?

    And RMR strive to emulate their full-time brethren who failed to recognise the only bit of white sticky-up rock on the south eastern Iberian peninsula as Gibraltar?

    RM Land Recognition Test

    Identify which of the following is Gibraltar and which is a Spanish beach:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    One point for each correct answer. Maximum possible score 3.
  6. Of course you can - it'll only cost you a few teeth.
  7. Do I get one point for calling you a cock?
  8. 4 Para wern't as hard as the Jocks in 15 Para!! Ran out of fuel once in an RL after the Brigade Shoot at Altcar.
    Were taking the Jocks back to the Station so they could catch their train which they missed....They were not best pleased
  9. You're right there mate.
    15 Para...........They were Hard Bastards & some of em are still around, Sticky, The Swerev, Jim Diguinaheed, Sondy Mac! Fuckin legends mate & you wouldn't be calling them Stabs...Not if you knew what was good for you!
  10. If they needed a lift to the train station they wer'nt that fit, it's at the end of the entrance road in.
  11. Yeah 'cos everyone who's in the infantry is well hard.

    Time to be honest, the Infantry is made up of people who can run faster and didn't do very well at school. Some are nails, some are absolute fannies, most are just normal blokes.
  12. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    And now 15 Para live on as 15 Coy, 4 Para. Down-sizing and amalgamations are a bitch...
  13. They're all hats compared to 49 Para...
  14. What absolute cock, Ok I was a Bootneck but I've met many booties and infantrymen with shed loads of qualifications, up to and including degrees. The thick fcukers I had to deal with were people like you.
  15. I'm a territorial and one of our full screws is a maccy d's manager!