4 months and still waiting for my interview.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by mark.f, May 6, 2008.

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  1. Handed my forms from my doctor back to the afco at the beggining of january found out the other day that they require further information has anyone else on here had the same problem and could tell me how much longer it could be any info would be great thanks.
  2. More medical information? Did you have any wrong with you recently? 4 months is yonks! Mine only took 5 days!
  3. More medical information? Did you have any wrong with you recently? 4 months is yonks! Mine only took 5 days!
  4. fakkkin hell....
    4 months...
    takin the urine.

    thats how long I gotta wait at the mo
  5. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    You need to stay in touch with them and find out what is needed and why. And then go away and get the info.

    Which ACIO - PM me if nec?
  6. The army medical doctor asked for more information from my doctor, took an extra week. Ring them daily!
  7. I had an issue with my medical & when I returned it to my AFCO after sorting it out he said I will hear back from them in two weeks. Two weeks passed & I did'nt hear back from them, so I went down there. I think they want to see you chase them down to show youre interested or somthing because they never contacted me for anything, I always had to contact them. So do what I did & keep going down asking for your AFCO in person. Personaly I think that makes a better impression rather than ringing up.
  8. Good impression idea: That or they're just "too busy" with other things, and just need to keep nudging them but not so much so that you're becoming a pedantic tw@t.
  9. Well i hassled my office a few days ago, and tomorrow is going to be three weeks since they sent my stuff up to Scotland.

    So even though every time ive rang up they are insistant they will let me know, its been err since last thursday, since i last rang up, should i ring up tomorrow and ask them what is going on?
  10. 'too busy' eh? So if our guy here dosent hear from them he should just give them MORE time because they might be 'too busy'? Their falt for not meeting thier own commitments & its better to look a padantic t**t then seem uncommited. I know you where probably just having a laugh mate but I dont think waiting four months for a replie is acceptable. He needs to get down his recruiting office & get some answers :evil:
  11. Good luck. I have been waiting since January
  12. Good luck. I have been waiting since January
  13. Sh!t the bed.

    I understand how you must be feeling, but getting your knickers in a twist isn't going to do a great deal of help. Ring up the ADSC and ring up the office, also you might want to check with the doctor to see that they didn't send the Medical Forms in the collection of payment envelope for example!
  14. My knickers are always in a twist. Because there not mine, I steal them from the local nursing home as I am too cheap too buy my own :p
  15. Each to their own. Remember up North the post is done by pidgeon, so it either got lost or one of our resident chavs pulled a pistol out on it ;)

    By all means do what you can and good luck with it.