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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by rancour, Nov 17, 2008.

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  1. Whats the deal with the Mil Trg wing these days ?
    A handful of decent, robust and professional acting instructors doing a good job, trying hard to instil core values and decent training on their CLM courses…… All to be wiped away as soon as the Gung Ho, Foul Mouthed Rambo’esqe SMI walks in to a briefing and shatters the illusion by opening his gob. I honestly believed this poor style of leadership to be a thing of the past in todays Army no wonder there are retention problems … not very inspiring at all ….. what a total ARRSE.
    The real ball cruncher for all those who are currently moving through CLM Cse’s under this ARRSE is that their reports are going to show them in a dim light due to his inability to string together any competent/ relevant observations.
  2. Well who is this foul mouth gentleman
  3. Yeh, pray tell.
  4. Jesus its only day 2 of the course, you only have to put up with it until the 19th December
  5. Could be a long 5 weeks methinks................. :wink:
  6. It's unfortunate that Army policy and rules cannot affect the gene pool of dicks in the world. but be reassured we generally had more than one tit on our courses and to be truthful, the CLM courses are more constructive than Det Cmdrs/Sgt courses. So to that end, more PT!!
  7. Ah, Detties, never have so many been dicked around by so few.......
  8. I found the majority of the "Instuctors" within 4 Sqn to be big timers who were justifying their own existance as an organisation, having known several guys posted into 11SR with a few mil quals who were sent to 4 Sqn and were pretty sound lads. However within 4 - 6 weeks they are starting to show the signs, telling people they were "Selected" for the job by manning and records and selling themselves as master tacticians akin to Lord Wellington or the DSF. At the end of the day the CLM package has mandatory training targets to acheive and the rest is just bolt on jobs for the boys which many capbadges within the army steer clear of. :(
  9. ha ha ha, enjoy the rest of your course. you do realise what you've just done dont you
  10. Why are you not leathered?
  11. i was, i didnt even remember writing this till i got this reply.

    Now i just need to remember making this post tomorrow. I'm rather shitfaced
  12. Care to elaborate on which capbadges steer clear of adding on Corps specific bits to their JNCO and SNCO CLM courses?

    I know the AGC run a CLM with some bolt ons, as do the RE, RA and RAMC(RADC/RAVC/QARANC inc). The only "pure" CLM I have seen run was the 3 day part 2 for Inf. But they run Sgt Courses for all their SNCOs any way (Senior Brecon, Signals and Mortars for example).

    I think the Inf were toying with adding the CLM to their SNCO courses, thus ALL capbadgeswill essentially run a CLM package with bolt ons.

    The CLM only provides a general base level for ALL J/SNCOs in the Army, there will always be a requirement for Capbadge or even Trade specific Objectives.

    Bearing in mind that the RSignals are also now using the CLM course to filter for instructors using PD19, perhaps pot recruiters and Inf Embeds may be selected from the course in future as well.

    Basically the CLMs are used to get all personnel to a set point using Army and Corps Training objectives. If you don´t like it, do´t do the course.
  13. Well done Chocolate frog,

    Seems you are one of the few men left within your corps who has an ounce of dignity. The instructors are not big timing it. I would suggest that personnel attending these mandatory promotional courses are slightly bitter.

    At the end of the day training is mandatory, Fair, and relevant these days. The gentlemaen above are obviously that simple minded and wrapped up in their own little communications world that they cannot see a good thing when they see it.

    I also disagree with the slagging of instructors within your very own capbadge. If you have an issue just nip to where they delivey this training and tell them how it should be done.

    I know within my Regiment that the Military Training Inastructors very often become the CSM's or RSM's. Maybethis is the underlying issue.

    Communicate to each other fellas. Your good at it around the world.

    Get Fit.
  14. It's a promotion course at the end of the day. They're not meant to be easy or any fool could pass them.
  15. Thats what I was thinking. Someone out his fluffy pink comfort zone perhaps :?