4 MI CS Sect, Edinburgh?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by ironrations, Aug 6, 2008.

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  1. News has reached me that I am to be posted in. Does anyone have the gen on this place that they are willing to share, accomodation, what the jobs like, tours and ease of getting back to England?

    Any sane/sensible information mucho appreciated. Cheers
  2. Well as its CS, it is most likely going to be part of FORM, so there is a starter for 10 about tours. As for the rest of the info, why not ring the section.

    That usually works. :roll:
  3. I've heard it's really good, the lads are always on the lash, the accommodation is fab and you'll need to get down stores ASAP for a shitty stick. Work is a bit pish unfortunately, but that was what my mate who was there when he was a sergeant about 10 years ago told me.
  4. Just like Digby then? So I've heard ...
  5. Not wanting to pick faults, but I don't think the CS MI Sect existed 10 yrs ago. In fact it is only about 18-24 months old. I think you may be getting confused with the Sy Sect. Different job completely so the work may not be quite so "pish" after all
  6. :wink: Just me having a laugh mate. Don't you guys do sarcasm?
  7. I think you'll find God's country has things called airports, train stations and roads. All designed with ease of getting to Scotland, although I'm sure that they work the other way too! :wink:

    It's a CS Int Sect, the jobs like, wait, weren't you paying attention in OPINTEL? Tours will be as per the FORM cycle and as I recall (unlike the JNCOs and Offrs) you don't live in the castle. I believe you are in the garrison mess in redford and it aint prretty, unless they've put up z types in the last 4 years.
  8. You can (potentially) get a house in Edinburgh which is preferable to a prefab or the castle.
  9. providing you can scale the mighty Hadrian's Wall.

    honestly, you lot bang on about god's country blah blah blah, nation of ferocious warriors and all that... yet were kept out of the best country by a waist-high wall which wouldn't defeat a bone-idle sloth who'd been bitten by a tsetse fly.

    no wonder you all wear skirts :)
  10. Okay I'll bite CRmCR :D

    We wear the kilt for several reasons;

    a) It's cheaper than going to Thailand for a tranny.
    b) It's easier to climb Hadrian's wall wearing one.
    c) It's easier to hoik the kilt up, shite on the "hallowed" soil on the other side.
    d) It's hilarious sliding down the slope on the other side, cleaning yer arrse as ye go.

    Like a sheepdug wi a bad case of worms and it removes piles pronto!!!

  11. it's 3 days donkey ride from Edinburgh to the Frontier at Berwick, dependant on which side Berwick wants to be on this week. be sure to take your passport

    There are also planes trains and automobiles, where in Engerlund are you going? I can tell you that driving, Bradford takes 2 hours, Anglesey 5 hours
  12. can't be that easy. none of your ancestors ever fucking managed it :)
  13. Do the skirts make it easier to dodge the sabre toothed tigers and yaks up there on the tundra?
  14. F*ck me mate, - I've done that journey on a few occasions and seeing that it's over 200 miles it took me about 4 hours. Unless you were that bloke in the BMW overtaking me at 110mph?
  15. Not really, but once you give them a flash (as in the Regimental/Company photos adorning many messes) a la "Carry on Up the Khyber" movie that soon sorts them out :D

    They're very warm actually and have even been known to help gingers pull a burd.

    Ceiling Reached, you are correct none of my ancestors ever made it over the wall. Being bog trotting immigrants at one point swimming the irish sea was enough for us. had we turned right instead of left we'd have ended up in Liverpool, thereby missing the wall again :-D

    Are ye sure its not to keep you white settlers out? My wee town just got it's first asian shopkeeper only a year ago. It's so selective up here.

    The Royal Ladder was employed many times I beleive to allow Queen Vic's entourage to get over the wall so they could holiday up here :D